Lucy Owen Pregnant

Lucy Owen pregnant has garnered attention as the Television presenter has recently been admitted to hospital for emergency surgery.

Lucy Owen, born Lucy Jane Cohen on June 18, 1971, is a Welsh television news reader. She comes from a Jewish background.

In her early life, Owen attended Howell’s School in Llandaff, Cardiff, and obtained a degree in English from Royal Holloway, University of London.

Her broadcasting career began at BBC Radio Wales, where she began as a researcher and later took on reporting and co-presenting roles for a features program.

In 1995, she joined HTV Wales as a newsreader for regional opt-outs during GMTV.

From 1996 to 2007, she co-presented Wales Tonight, the regional news program on ITV Wales broadcast from Cardiff.

Owen also presented on the now-defunct ITV News Channel and anchored various ITV News programs, including Lunchtime News, Evening News, and Weekend News.

Her final edition of Wales Tonight aired on October 19, 2007. On November 5, 2007, Owen began presenting the BBC Wales evening news program, BBC Wales Today.

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Is Lucy Owen Pregnant Again In 2023?

No, Lucy Owen is not pregnant in 2023. The news about her pregnancy surged after the TV presenter was recently rushed to hospital for an emergency surgery.

Lucy and her husband Rhodri, both experienced radio and television presenters, tied the knot in 2004 at St Andrew’s Church in St Andrews, Major near Dinas Powys.

Lucy, at 36, after having trouble conceiving, underwent IVF treatment and gave birth to their baby, Gabriel. The couple shares parenting responsibilities in Cowbridge.

Lucy Owens Pregnant
The mother of one son she gave birth in 2008, Lucy Owen is not pregnant in 2023 (Source: BBC)

Their child, Gab, was born on March 10, 2008, through a Caesarean section, weighing 5 lb 12 oz (2.3 kg). 

She expresses immense joy and relief after going through challenging moments when she had doubts about conceiving successfully.

Lucy and Rhodri have co-hosted and appeared on numerous radio and television news programs.

Rhodri, known as the former main station voice of BBC Radio Wales and currently a presenter for S4C, has gained recognition in his career.

Aside from her TV work, Lucy is the ambassador for St John Ambulance, Bobath Children’s Therapy Centre Wales, Tŷ Hafan, and the Prince’s Trust in Wales.

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Lucy Owen Surgery: Health Update

BBC Wales Today presenter Lucy Owen was urgently admitted to the hospital after her optician discovered a problem in her right eye. 

To illustrate, during an eye check-up, her optician detected the detached retina and the subsequent surgery was crucial in preventing permanent blindness.

The 52-year-old presenter has recently provided an update on her health following emergency eye surgery to preserve her eyesight.

Lucy Owen Pregnant
BBC newsreader Lucy Owen was rushed to an emergency surgery due to a detached retina (Source: Daily Express)

Owen expressed gratitude to the NHS and acknowledged that the surgery by Mr. Williams and the exceptional team at CV_UHB prevented her from losing sight.

She mentioned that she was required to lie on her side for a week and anticipated that it would take a few months before her vision fully returned.

Despite the challenges it presented for reading from an autocue, she shared her gratitude for the gifts she received from her fabulous colleagues at Wales Today.

Moreover, she thanked her fans for their well wishes and mentioned that her vision would gradually return over the next few months.

She emphasized the importance of regular eye examinations and encouraged her 32,000 Twitter followers to prioritize their eye health.

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