Is Mario Lopez Related To Jennifer Lopez

Is Mario Lopez related to Jennifer Lopez? Often there has been discussion about celebrities’ relationships who share the same family name. 

Jennifer Lopez is a well-known singer, dancer, and Actress; she is well-known for being in the dancing show Fly Girl, then she is known for her music and acting. 

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She has been popular for her music career, she has sold more than 80 million albums now, and her films and movies have gained more than millions of people’s love and appreciation. 

Whereas Mario Lopez is an Actor and television host, he has appeared in much popular television series. Lopez has been hosting since 1992; along with hosting, he has been involved in many movies and series. 

So both of them are well-known personalities and have many fans, so their fans and followers are curious to learn about the relationship they share. Read further to get to know. 

Is Mario Lopez Related To Jennifer Lopez?

It has been publicly confirmed that Mario Lopez, an Actor, has no relationship with Jennifer Lopez. 

Both are of different origins; the Actress was born in the Bronx and later moved to New York City. Her parents were originally from Puerto Rico; they moved to the United States. 

Mario Lopez Goes One-on-One with Jennifer Lopez in Las Vegas
Mario Lopez Goes One-on-One with Jennifer Lopez in Las Vegas. (Image Source: Extra)

Mario’s parents are initially from somewhere other than the United States; they sifted to the United States from Mexico. As they belonged to different origins and were born in different places, it also confirms that they don’t share a blood relationship. 

Mario shares a sister, and Jennifer also has two sisters. Both of them have siblings, and they have made it public. So, there is no reason to be confused about Mario and Jennifer’s relationship. 

Jennifer Lopez’s Family Tree

Lopez was born to David López and Guadalupe Rodríguez; she is their middle child of them, and she shares two sisters. 

Her Father served in the army for a specific time and then worked as a computer technician. Her mother was a housewife for a long time, but after she decided to work as a salesperson. 

Her parents supported her career, as she was always clear about her career path. 

Jennifer Lopez with her younger sister Lynda Lopez.
Jennifer Lopez with her younger sister Lynda Lopez. (Image Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet)

Lopez has an older sister Leslie, and a younger sister, Lynda; her younger sister is a Journalist. Lopez mentioned that she shared her bedroom with her sister, as her parents were rigorous.

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Mario Lopez Family Tree 

Lopez was born in 1973 to Elvira Soledad Trasviña and Mario Alberto López Pérez. Lopez was raised in a Catholic family, so he had rigorous parents. 

But, they always supported his career path and pushed him to have what he wanted. He was raised with her younger sister, Marissa Lopez. 

Mario Lopez with his wife and children.
Mario Lopez with his wife and children. (Image Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet)

He shares a great relationship with her, and she is married to an NFL player Kailee Wong. They don’t share any children yet. 

Lopez has always shared certain information about his family, as they have always tried keeping a low profile. 

Jennifer Lopez And Mario Lopez Net Worth Difference

Both are involved in the film industry and have been working for more than twenty years. But there has been a vast difference in their net worth per many online portals. 

The Actress and singer have been earning more than Mario; her current net worth is $400 million, as per the Source, which she has been earning from her career. 

$35 million is the current net worth of the Actor, as per the Source. We cannot compare the net worth between the two of them, as you can see how vast the difference is. 

But both of them has made their career worth millions, and they have been to the place they have always wished for. 

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