Is Mark Goodier Leaving Greatest Hits Radio

Is Mark Goodier leaving greatest hits radio? The announcement was made on January 17. 

Goodier is a radio disc jockey who worked on BBC Radio 1 while starting his radio career and presented the Breakfast show on Weekend on BCC Radio 1.

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He presented BBC Radio 1 till 2002, and after his career on the show, he joined many other radio programs, but currently, he is at Greatest Hits Radio. 

Since the news about Goodier leaving the show has been public, people have been more curious to learn the reason behind it; he might not leave the show.

You can read further to learn about Goodier’s health condition and the reason behind leaving Greatest Hits Radio.

Is Mark Goodier Leaving Greatest Hits Radio?

Greatest Hits Radio has officially announced that British Broadcaster Ken Bruce will join the show. But they have just mentioned Goodier leaving the show. 

Greatest Hits Radio announced that with a video on Twitter saying, “We’ve been keeping a big secret. We are delighted to announce that legendary broadcaster @RealKenBruce will join the Greatest Hits Radio family in April.”

After the show has revealed one big secret, people are curious to know what will happen to our legendary Goodier.

But looking at the announcements that have been made, Goodier will be at the show till April and is going to get retired.

Greatest Hits Radio is becoming the retirement home for BBC legends as Ken Bruce (pictured) becomes the latest DJ to leave Radio 2
Is Mark Goodier Leaving Greatest Hits Radio? (Image Source: Twitter)

Wikipedia has announced that he will be leaving the show soon, but why and when he is leaving has still been a question for the public.

Also, Ken Bruce is leaving BCC Radio 1 and joining the show, many people are happy about Bruce joining the show, but many of them have yet to accept that they are replacing Mark with Ken.

Many viewers have continued posting about where Goodier will be going, but the Greatest Hits have ignored the tweet and said they would share the news soon.

Many have accepted that he is leaving the show and still want the truth from Greatest Hits Radio. So, hopefully, the reason behind replacing Goodier will be announced soon.

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Mark Goodier Illness And Health Update

After the news about Bruce joining the show has been public, people have been curious to learn if Goodier is leaving the show because of his health condition.

Goodier fans are worried about his health condition, but he seems to be doing fine; we will be seeing him in the show, and he has also been posting about his work on Twitter.


Mark Goodier in the set of Greatest Hits Radio
Mark Goodier in the set of Greatest Hits Radio. (Image Source: The Times)

So, the reason behind his leaving the radio is not his health; he doesn’t have any severe health issues that cause him to be on the show.

Goodier has been active on Twitter also after the news has been out, so he seems fine. Also, the official page of Greatest Hits Radio has announced that Bruce will join in April, so that we will see Goodier until now.

Goodier has been living a healthy and happy life with his family, he has not shared about any serious issues in public yet, hopefully he is doing fine.

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