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Is the British television and radio presenter Matt Edmondson related to Ade Edmondson? Many people speculated the duo was a son and father. 

Matt Edmondson is a Sony Award-nominated radio presenter and television personality who is best known for his work with BBC Radio 1 and ITV2.

Further, he is currently working in the weekend afternoon show Fridays. Matt also co-presented The Xtra Factor alongside Rylan Clark-Neal on ITV2.

From 2004 to 2006, the radio host was a CBBC continuity presenter, and previously, he served as a roving reporter for Channel 4’s Richard & Judy.

On the other hand, Ade is an English actor, comedian, musician, writer and television presenter who was also part of the alternative comedy boom in the early 1980s. 

Besides, some of his notable roles in television series include, The Young Ones and Bottom. Similarly, the actor also appeared in The Comic Strip Presents. 

Is Matt Edmondson Related To Ade Edmondson? Are They Son And Father

As many fans are asking if Matt Edmondson is related to Ade Edmondson. So for those who don’t know, Matt and Ade are not related to each other. 

Similarly, Matt has cleared with all his fans and people questioning the same thing via a Twitter post, stating, “I’m stood in the BBC reception with Adrian Edmondson. I’m not related to him. Is having the same surname a good enough conversation starter?”

Matt Edmondson Related To Ade Edmondson
Bryony Emmett tweeting about the rumors of his and Ade’s relationship. (Source: Twitter)

So, Matt’s Twitter post has made everything clear. Matt and Ade don’t have any blood relation; they just have the same surname and belong to the same professional field. 

Therefore, in a Twitter post, he also mentioned having the same surname doesn’t mean they have any relation.

Additionally, many celebrities often get into the media headlines for being rumored to be related to one another. Hence, Matt and Ade were also rumored to have blood relations for sharing the same surname. 

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Although it has been made clear by Matt Edmondson that he is not related to Ade Edmondson, there are many who asks if they are son and father.

So, as we already said, Matt and Ade have no relationship, although their fans were searching for it on the online surface. 

Matt was born Mathew Edmondson on 27 December 1985, and his father committed suicide when the television presenter was 22. 

Ade Edmondson
Matt Edmondson and Ade Edmondson are not sons and father. (Source: Independent)

More, Matt has an elder sister named Kate Arnell, who is also a television presenter. Meanwhile, Matt and Ade come from different family roots, so while exploring Ade’s family background, he is the father of three daughters. 

Ade was happily married to comedian Jennifer Saunders on 11 May 1985, and three of their daughters belong to different professions. 

Therefore, the following details explain the family tree of Matt and Ade, so this is sure that they are not related to each other and are not son and father. 

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Is Matt Edmondson Married? His Wife And Kids

Yes, Matt Edmondson is married, and he is a family man. In 2013, he married his long-term partner, Bryony Emmett. Matt and Bryony have been enjoying their married life for about a decade. 

Matt Edmondson
Matt Edmondson’s wife and kids. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, in 2012 the pair got engaged. In 2016, Matt and his wife gave birth to their first child, a baby girl and in 2022, the pair became parents for the second time to a second girl. 

Edmondson is blessed with a small and happy family, and he loves to spend time with his loved ones whenever the television presenter is not busy. 

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