Mccall Vrydaghs Pregnant

Is Mccall Vrydaghs pregnant? Fans and viewers have been wondering after her recent break from work.

McCall Vrydaghs is an award-winning broadcast chief meteorologist at WHIO-TV.

She has been the Chief Meteorologist of WHIO’s Storm Center 7 since November 2018 and a member of WHIO since 2012.

Some of her achievements include the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Seal of Approval from the American Meteorological Society and her current seat on the AMS Station Scientist committee.

Vrydaghs also feels honored to be placed first in the Ohio Regional APME Awards for Best Weathercast and to be given the three Emmy awards for the Weather category.

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Meteorologist: Is Mccall Vrydaghs Pregnant With Baby Husband?

It has been rumored that Mccall Vrydaghs is pregnant with her second child. However, there has been no official confirmation from her.

For now, we can not conclude that she is indeed pregnant. She has one child as of December 2023.

Vrydaghs was blessed with a daughter named Giuliana on October 11, 2016, as shared on her Facebook. Her husband’s name is not mentioned.

On March 11 that year, she posted another photo of her adorable five-month-old baby. “My baby girl turns five months today!!! I can’t believe how fast she is growing,” she tweeted.

Giuliana, currently 7, is often featured in Vrydaghs’ social media posts.

Mccall Vyrdaghs daughter
Mccall Vyrdaghs with her daughter, Giuliana, during Christmas. (Source: Facebook)

In June 2021, Vrydaghs took a few days off for a quick trip back to New York. She wanted to spend time with her family and celebrate her mother-in-law’s life.

She had lost her battle with Pancreatic Cancer in February. After a wait due to COVID, she visited her family to honor her.

“She was a beautiful soul, and we miss her dearly,” Vrydaghs wrote on her Facebook.

“I’m not making this post for sympathy but to remind you to be kind. Everyone is going through something. And, live life to the fullest,” she clarified.

Mccall Vrydaghs And Family Tree And Background

Mccall Vrydaghs was born in Suffern, New York, United States, on February 23 of an ungiven year.

According to Facts Buddy, she grew up with her two siblings. She has a sister and a brother called Jarrad, who is married to a lady named Erin.

When she is not working, Vrydaghs loves spending time with her husband, daughter, family, and friends.

Mccall Vyrdaghs family
Mccall Vyrdaghs with her family. (Source: Facebook)

Besides, Vrydaghs loves football. She will be found sitting on the couch with chips and dip, watching the game if it’s football season.

Mccall Vrydaghs Moved From New York To Ohio For Work

As a New York native, Vrydaghs had no idea what she was getting into when she decided to pursue her career in southwest Ohio.

Soon after arriving in Ohio, she realized the specialty of the Dayton area and said she couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

In 2005, Vrydaghs graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Meteorology from SUNY Oswego. Shortly after, she headed to work as a meteorologist for CNN Headline News Radio in Newburgh, New York.

In 2011, she jumped to television as the weekend meteorologist for Verizon FiOS1 News. Her forecasts were aired in New Jersey and Long Island, New York.

She also received the opportunity to broadcast the weather for Yankees games on the YES Network.

Vrydaghs later joined Storm Center 7 in September 2012 and was promoted to Chief Meteorologist by November 2018.

She has worked on all weather events over the years, including regular weather, hurricanes, snowstorms, and tornadoes.

Vrydaghs says her most memorable moment was the Memorial Day Tornado Outbreak of 2019.

She helped track 15 tornadoes throughout the Miami Valley, including three EF3s and one EF4.

From her experience, Vrydaghs learned much, including the true importance of her job – to keep the public safe.

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