Is Michael Keetley In Jail

Is Michael Keetley In Jail? The audience is curious to learn more about the case of killing two people in 2010. 

The case started in 2010 and is still unsolved; he has been under Police for a long time but has not pleaded guilty. 

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The investigation was unworking, and he had his trial last Monday. The information regarding the case has not been updated since. 

If he plays pled guilty, he might get sentenced to lifetime prison. Explore more about the case via this article. 

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Is Michael Keetley In Jail?

Michael Keetly has spent over 12 years in jail awaiting a verdict in his case. He has been inside the prison since 2011. 

After the ******** incident in November 2010, Michael pleaded not guilty to two counts of first-degree ****** and four counts of attempted ****** in January 2011.

Retrial of former ice cream man charged with double ******.
The retrial of former ice cream man charged with double ******. (Image Source: FOX 13 Tampa Bay)

He has consistently denied involvement in the ******** and has been in jail. Keetly shot six people; where two of them were killed, and four of them were seriously injured. 

Keetley consistently maintained his innocence in the ******** incident on Thanksgiving Day in 2010. However, prosecutors allege he sought revenge when he mistakenly shot the wrong men.

The case took almost a decade to go to court the first time, and after a mistrial was declared, Keetley’s new legal team and judge are preparing to retry the case.

Indeed, the case has decided to retry, and hopefully, more information regarding the case will be disclosed soon to the public. 

Ice Cream Man Accused Of Killing 2 Brothers- Trial Update

Michael, a former ice cream truck driver, was accused of killing two brothers, and along with them, four others were injured in a ******** incident on Thanksgiving Day in 2010.

The incident occurred in the Ocean Mist neighborhood in Ruskin, Florida, where Keetley had gone looking for a man named “Kreeper,” whom he believed was responsible for ******** him in an earlier incident.

Prosecutors alleged that Keetley had gone on a revenge mission and mistakenly targeted the men not involved in the earlier incident.

Ice cream man faces trial for Ruskin porch shootings after 12 years.
Ice cream man faces trial for Ruskin porch shootings after 12 years. (Image Source: Tampa Bay Times)

The ice cream man pleaded not guilty to four counts of attempted first-degree ****** and two counts of first-degree ******.

Keetley’s first trial ended in a mistrial in 2018, and a new trial was scheduled to begin in 2021. 

Additionally, it was mentioned that his trial would be on March 13, 2023, but the update from the test has not been out. 

According to Keetley’s defense attorneys, he could not have been responsible for the ******** as he was physically incapable of ******** a gun with his right hand due to a previous injury.

But his ex-partner, Norma Towers, clarified to the court that she had seen Keetley use his right hand for tasks such as target practice, feeding animals, and operating a computer.

Keetley is facing two counts of first-degree ****** for the deaths of Juan and Sergio Guitron and four additional counts of attempted first-degree ****** for injuring the other four men.

None of the men shot on Thanksgiving Day were involved in the previous robbery and ******** of Keetley.

Testimony in the case is ongoing, with prosecutors indicating they may wrap up their case by Thursday.

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