Jae Crowder Hair

Professional basketball player Jae Crowder is recognized for his athletic prowess and long, black, and thick dread tied in a ponytail, simply called hipster hairstyle.

Born Corey Jae Crowder, Jae Crowder plays for the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA. Cleveland Cavaliers drafted the talented basketball player in the 2012 NBA Draft.

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With his career spanning over the 33-year-old athlete has amassed a large fan following. Many people wonder if his hair is real. Find out all the details about Crowder’s hair in this short article.

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Is Milwaukee Bucks Star Jae Crowder Hair Real? How Did He Grow His Hair

Milwaukee Bucks Star Jae Crowder’s trademark ponytail is real. In an interview with  Bleacher Report, the Georgia native disclosed his natural hair and explained his love for it.

In 2013 summer, he cut an inch or two of his dread, storing the separated hair preserving in a Ziplock bag. He was already on his fourth big bag that year after ten years of the accumulation process.

Jae Crowder Hair
Jae Crowder’s hair is real – whenever he cuts his hair, the player doesn’t throw it away and collets as a memento. (Image Source: Hardwood Houdini)

This is not some crazy custom. It’s not like the power forward was cooking it into his food or selling it on the illicit market. He said that he wanted to prove that his hair was natural.

“I don’t toss it out because people don’t think it’s real,” said Crowder. It’s genuinely my hair. I always keep it after trimming it.

He further revealed that he wants to keep his hair as a souvenir. Crowder also disclosed that one day he would stop it all and use the bags to show the bags full of hair to his children as proof that everything was real.

Crowder is already a dad. He welcomed his daughter, Jada Crowder.

Jae Crowder Wife And Daughter

Jae Crowder is yet to get married. Thus, he doesn’t have a wife. However, the  33-year-old athlete dated his ex-girlfriend, Dana Lambert, for a long time. They began dating in 2012.

Jae Crowder shares his daughter, Jada Crowder, with his former lady love, Dana Lambert. The Smitten couple welcomed their first child, Jada, in late 2013.

The basketball player reportedly ended his relationship with Dana after finding out about Dana’s infidelity. Dana Lambert was just 22 when she became pregnant with Jae Crowder’s baby, Jada Crowder.

As of this writing, Jae Crowder is single and doing well professionally. We wish the skilled athlete a more prosperous life.

Jae Crowder Hair
Jae Crowder with his ex-girlfriend and their daughter, Jada Crowder. (Image Source: Players Bio)

Jae Crowder Family – Parents And Siblings

On July 6, 1990, Jae Crowder’s parents – Helen Thompson and basketball player Corey Crowder – welcomed him in Villa Rica, Georgia.

The star basketballer’s Father is a former professional basketball player with an NBA experience with the Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spurs. Corey also trained his son during Jae’s early career.

The Milwaukee Bucks power forward went to Villa Rica High School. As he was interested in sports since he was young, Crower played football and basketball in high school.

While he was a starting quarterback for football, he was a point guard for basketball. Jae Crowder was overweight and underweight as a child; by junior year, he weighed nearly 200 pounds.

He eventually called his Father to ask for weight-loss assistance. He reached a height of 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 m) after his junior year and significantly enhanced his physical fitness.

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