Is Naga Munchetty Pregnant

BBC Breakfast viewers might have noticed that Naga Munchetty has appeared in a regular slot for the third week. Her fans are concerned about her absence. Many people are also asking if Naga Munchett is pregnant.

British Journalist, newsreader, and television host Naga Munchetty’s absence have gained considerable public attention.

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The newsreader presents BBC Breakfast regularly – from Thursday to Saturday. The Streatham native has previously hosted Working Lunch, a daily financial affairs program on BBC Two and BBC World News.

Where is the television personality, and why is she absent from the red sofa? Is she expecting a new baby? Let’s unpack all the known details about Munchetty’s whereabouts.

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Is Naga Munchetty Pregnant? What Happened To BBC Breakfast Presenter?

Naga Munchetty has been absent from her regular BBC slot for the third week. She hosts the show with Charlie Stayt from Thursday to Saturday.

But a business presenter, Nina Warhurst, has been presenting the show instead of Naga Munchetty. Munchetty is a fan-favorite presenter. 

Is Naga Munchetty Pregnant
Nina Warhurst has been presenting the BBC Breakfast instead of Naga Munchetty. (Image Source: The Sun)

Munchetty’s fans flocked to Twitter as they became worried about her prolonged departure since it fueled rumors that she might have secretly quit the show. One supporter asked the question on the internet: “Can someone tell me what’s happened to Naga Munchetty?”

A second person wrote, “where is Naga? Even though she is doing great, she puts the interviewee on the spot.” Where are Naga and Sally? The third person asked.

Presenter Sally Nugent, who hosts the program Monday through Wednesday, has also been absent this week. Sally abruptly disappeared from the show without warning earlier this week, shocking fans.

Not only that, but many people are also asking if the 49-the year-old presenter is expecting a child.

Considering Naga Munchetty’s age, she is likely, not pregnant. Also, there has been no news on where is the fan-favorite presenter and why she is not appearing on TV.

Hopefully, the Journalist will come at ease and share the reason for her absence soon in the coming days.

Naga Munchetty Husband, James Hagger

Naga Munchetty shares a blissful marital life with prominent TV director James Haggar.

The adorable couple tied the knot in 2004 and have been merrily together. The Journalist and her husband once disclosed their decision not to have kids. The BBC Breakfast official also revealed that people called her “wicked” in the past.

Naga said on a podcast how her mother was devastated when she told her she didn’t want kids.

Is Naga Munchetty Pregnant
Naga Munchetty has been married to James Hagger for nearly two decades – The couple decided not to have children. (Image Source: Hello Magazine)

“I never miscarried, and we never tried. Simply put, we never really desired them. We continued to put off making a choice, and our lives improved. We grew to be more selfish and simply ran out of time,” explained Munchetty.

Naga Munchetty Hails From Munchetty

Naga Munchetty was raised and was born in South London’s Streatham. She is of Indian descent through her mother.

Her Father is from Mauritius, and her mother is from Tamil Nadu, India. In the Early 1970s, her parents moved to wales – her dad began training in nursing, and her mother studied dental science.

Without first alerting their parents, the presenter’s parents married in London. Naga has a younger sister, Mimi.

Regarding her education, Naga holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Language from the University of Leeds. She is a 1997 graduate.

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