Oscar Nuñez

Oscar Nuñez is a Cuban-American actor known for her role as Dunder Mifflin accountant Oscar Martinez on NBC’s sitcom The Office State Farm’s commercials.

Oscar was a member of The Groundlings before joining The Office as a regular cast member.

Nunez began his stand-up career in New York, where he appeared in over 300 events with The Shock of the Funny Theater Company.

Is Oscar Nuñez Gay?

Oscar was born on November 18, 1958, in Colon, Cuba, and according to his date of birth, he is Scorpio, and Oscar Nuñez’s gay is falsified.

Oscar’s character in The Office was one of the few openly gay characters broadcast on television when the series aired.

Oscar Martinez is a fictitious character played by Cuban-American actor Oscar Nunez in the American mockumentary television series ‘The Office.’

Oscar Nuñez gay-
Oscar Nuñez Gay Tv series and his Co-cast Steve Carell
Source: IMDB

Nunez didn’t know his character might be gay when he first signed on. Later, Steve Carell kissed him on the lips, and the scene was remembered forever by the audiences, as reported by dailyhunt.

The kiss scene was not scripted, and Steve Carell kissed him as he was carried away by the characters, which made public reaction more impactful.

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So, many fans believed he was gay in real life, too, for quite a time, but that is not the case; he has been married to his wife, Ursula Whittaker.

Meet Oscar Nuñez Wife, Ursula Whittaker

Oscar Nunez, a Cuban-American actor, is married to his wife Ursula Whittaker, a widely known actress.

Ursula is an actress widely noted for her famous role in several movies and tv series such as Weep, Big Bang Theory, Hoffa, and many others.

Oscar tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Ursula Whittaker, on May 21, 2011, and was engaged on December 17, 2010, from the sources naijanews.

As reported by IMDB, Ursula is an actress, comedian, and director and was born & grew up in Los Angeles.

Oscar Nuñez
Oscar Nuñez with his wife, Ursula Whittaker
Source: Eonline

She was born to the former producer Chris Whittaker and is the granddaughter of Academy Award-winning screenwriter Harry Brown.

Whittaker earned a B.A. in American Literature and a minor in Film/T.V. from the University of Southern California.

The actress has written and performed stand-up comedy for several years, and her work as a monologist has been published in The Los Angeles Times.

As a dancer, actor, and writer, Ursula has made her directorial debut with the comedic short film ‘Boob Jobs & Jesus.

The dancer has been part of many movies and series and has performed in Thomas Babe’s ‘Taken in Marriage, directed by Emmy Award- Winning Actress Dorothy Lyman.

Oscar Nuñez Child

Nunez has married his wife for over a decade and has an 10 -year-old daughter.

The couple dated for a few years, married in 2011, never revealing their dating life, and kept it private.

Both of them have had a healthy relationship and no sign of degradation, and after just a year of their marriage, they gave birth to their daughter.

Oscar Nuñez
Oscar Nuñez with his wife and his daughter Source: quotesgram

The actor and his wife welcomed their first baby girl into their family on October 4, 2012, in Los Angeles, as reported by hollywoodmask.

They named their daughter August Luce Nunez, and she has been living a blissful and healthy life.

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However, the couples protect their daughter, has never talked much about their child’s life, and has kept her life free from the media and the public.

FAQs About Oscar Nuñez

Q1) Who Is Oscar Nuñez?

Ans- Oscar Nuñez is a Cuban-American actor known for her role as Dunder Mifflin accountant Oscar Martinez on N.B.C.’s sitcom The Office State Farm’s commercials.

Q2) How Old Is Oscar Nuñez?

Ans) Oscar Nuñez was born on November 18, 1958, and is now 65.

Q3) Is Oscar Nuñez Gay?

Ans- No, Oscar Nuñez is not gay.

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