Is Patrick Mcenroe Related To John Mcenroe

Patrick McEnroe and John Mcenroe are brothers. Their parents welcomed the two tennis stars seven years apart. McEnroe brothers have accomplished great success.

Patrick McEnroe is a former professional tennis player and United States Davis Cup team captain. The American former athlete is also a broadcaster.

The Manhasset native is the winner of one single title and 16 doubles titles. Some of his notable accomplishments include the 1989 French Open.

On 9 March 2023, it was announced that Patrick McEnroe would be the new president of the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Today’s article concerns Patrick McEnroe and John McEnroe’s relationship. Are the two tennis stars related? Let’s find it out.

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Is Patrick McEnroe Related To John Mcenroe?

Yes, Patrick McEnroe and John McEnroe have a blood relationship. They are brothers.

John McEnroe is the elder brother of Patrick McEnroe. The McEnroe brothers are popular not only for their remarkable sports careers but also known for their brotherhood.

Regarding their age gap, Patrick was born on 1 July 1966, and John was born on 16 February 1959. Thus, they were born seven years, four months, and 15 days (excluding the end date) apart.

Is Patrick Mcenroe Related To John Mcenroe
John Mcenroe and Patrick McEnroe have seven years of age gap. (Image Source: Tennis Now)

As of 2023, Patrick is 57 years old, and his older sibling is 64 years old.

John McEnroe is the only male tennis player in history to hold the No. 1 spot in both singles and doubles simultaneously.

Stefan Edberg was the only male player to ever reach No. 1 in both. But he reached that position at different times.

The most men’s combined championships won during the Open Era belongs to John McEnroe, who concluded his career with 78 victories in the ATP and 77 singles titles.

Patrick’s elder brother is the only male player to have amassed more than 70 titles in the men’s singles and doubles divisions. Also, he amassed 25 singles victories on the ATP Champions tour.

Furthermore, John won nine Grand Slam men’s doubles titles, including five at Wimbledon and four at the U.S. Open. He also won one Grand Slam mixed doubles trophy. Patrick’s sibling won seven Grand Slam singles titles, including four at the U.S. Open and three at Wimbledon (at the French Open).

His 82-3 singles match record in 1984 still stands as the best single-season victory percentage in the Open Era.

In addition, John performed admirably at the year-end competitions, setting records by taking home eight singles and seven doubles titles.

His elder siblings’ accomplishments often overshadowed Patrick’s. However, he also enjoyed a moderately successful career.

Patrick McEnroe And John McEnroe Family Tree

The McEnroe brothers were born to their American parents – John Patrick McEnroe and Kay/Katherine Tresham.

Their dad was the son of an Irish immigrant, who made the infamous admission that his son John “was made in Belgium but born in Germany” during a news appearance in Belgium.

John Mcenroe and Patrick McEnroe
The McEnroe brothers share a close bond. (Image Source; The New York Times)

John Patrick McEnroe was serving with the United States Air Force then. The McEnroe brother’s grandmother was from County Westmeath, while their Irish paternal grandfather was from Ballyjamesduff in County Cavan.

Patrick McEnroe And John McEnroe Net Worth Difference

As reported by Celebrity Net Worth, Patrick McEnroe’s net worth is $16 million.

Similarly, John McEnroe’s net worth is $100 million.

We can see the McEnroe sibling has a lot of difference in their wealth. However, it must not matter who is richer than who. After all, they are family.

We wish both Patrick and John McEnroe a joyful life ahead.

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