Is Paul Ince Blind In One Eye?

Due to Paul Ince’s asymmetric eye shape, fans are keen on Tom Ince’s Father Sight. Is Paul Ince Blind In One Eye? 

Thomas Christopher Ince, famed for his on-field name Tom Ince is an English professional footballer playing as an attacking midfielder, winger or forward for EFL Championship club Reading Football Club.

Initially, Tom earned recognition for inheriting his Father’s legacy, legendary former England midfielder Paul Ince.

The Reading midfielder began his athletic career with Liverpool, for whom he made his professional debut in the 2010–11 season, coming on as a substitute in the League Cup.

For his skilled playing style, Tom has received numerous playing awards, including the 2013 Football League Young Player of the Year Award and claimed the title of the 2012–13 PFA Team of the Year.

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Tom Ince Father: Why Is His Trending?

Tom Ince is the son of Paul Ince, an English professional football manager and former player who is the current manager of EFL Championship side Reading.

The father-son duo created a buzz in the sport after they signed with the same Club, Reading FC.

Tom’s Father was famed as the Guv’nor during a legendary career with Middlesbrough, West Ham, Wolves Inter Milan, United, Liverpool, and England.

Is Paul Ince Blind In One Eye?
Paul Ince and son Tom after the home side’s victory in the local derby
(Source: Dailymail)

Despite their different personalities, his Father and Tom have found they can work well together, first at Notts County, then Blackpool and now in Berkshire.

Taking about Paul’s legacy, the former pro footballer needs no introduction, the midfield lynchpin of Sir Alex Ferguson’s first great Manchester United team and who made his comeback as manager of Championship underdogs Reading.

Recently, Tom Ince’s Father made several headlines after Sir Alex’s Paul Ince brutal Maradona comparison.

Is Paul Ince Blind In One Eye?

As soon as the former footballer made his comeback to managing manager of Championship underdogs Reading, his assymetric eyes became a hot topic among spectators.

Based on the reports available, Paul Ince’s eye appears to have a lazy eye, which is a condition that is often genetic.

However, the solid season of Paul’s asymmetric eyes is unveiled in the media.

Fortunately, the condition is harmless, but if the individual is affected, it can be treated with corrective eyeglasses or surgery to fix the eyesight.

One of the Reddit users wrote,” it’s evident that Paul Ince’s eyes aren’t quite symmetrical, with one of his eyes looking off to the side.”

The user added,” before he retired from playing, his eyes looked utterly straight and not at all as they look now.”

Regrettably, further information about Tom’s Father’s assymetric eyes, but his Blindness In One Eye is unveiled in the media.

Tom Ince Father Health Update

Tom’s Father grabbed attention towards his health due to his assymetric eyes. He has the eye condition Exotropia, a type of eye misalignment where one eye deviates outward.

Although Paul’s reason for Exotropia is unknown, the major cause might be Health conditions like stroke or tumors.

Is Paul Ince Blind In One Eye?
has the eye condition Exotropia, a type of eye misalignment where one eye deviates outward.(Source:Berkshirelive)

A few days back, Paul gained immense popularity after the former Man Utd star player returned to his former club with Reading on January 27, 2023.

Paul Ince returns to Manchester United on January 27, 2023, evening as he takes his Reading side to Old Trafford in the FA Cup fourth round.

According to Express UK, Reading boss Paul Ince left reporters in stitches with a quip about his first meeting with Erik ten Hag ahead of his return to Manchester United. 

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