Is Paul Wight Related To Andre The Giant

Is Paul Wight related to Andre, The Giant? The relationship between two wrestlers has always been a topic of discussion. 

Paul Wight is a professional wrestler and Actor whose ring name is Big Show. Big Show is best known for his career in World Championship Wrestling. 

In WCW, Big Show was known as The Gaint, and he wrestled for almost three years. Also, people know him as the first man who won WWE Championship. 

Along with Paul Wight, Andre, The Giant, who was known for his great size, he was a professional wrestler and Actor from France. The Giant was well-known as the “The Eighth Wonder of the World” because of his weight. 

So, many people have talked about their relationship & have always wanted to know if they have a Father & son relationship. 

Is Paul Wight Related To Andre The Giant?

There is not even a slight chance that Wight is related to The Giant; both wrestlers suffer from the same condition, their gigantic size (Acromegaly). 

The Giant was well-known for his size, which Acromegaly caused, and Wight has the same condition, so people thought they shared a Father and son relationship, but they are not related. 

It would be impossible for The Giant to be his Father because Wight’s Father is First Paul Wight. But, Big Show was known after people noticed he looked similar to The Giant, who died in 1993.

After two years, in 1995, Wight signed for WCW under the name “The Giant.” It was clear that he signed with the name The Giant to present Andre. 

Big Show reveals issues being Andre the Giant’s son in WCW
Big Show reveals issues being Andre, the Giant’s son in WCW. (Image Source:

Also, WCW claimed that Andre and Big Show are Father and son; after he signed as The Giant, they thought that Andre’s last name was The Giant, but his full name was André René Roussimoff. 

But, they are not related by blood, although they share the same medical condition, and people know them as The Giant. 

Paul Wight And Andre The Giant Family Ethnicity 

Wight was born in the United States, and he holds American ethnicity. No other information about his family ethnicity has been mentioned in public. 

On the other hand, the Giant was born in France of mixed ancestry. The Giant was also a French citizen.

Both belonged to different ethnicities and countries; people wanted to know their ethnicity and thought of their relationship as Father and son. 

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Paul Wight And Andre The Giant Net Worth Difference  

Both of them are well-known wrestlers, and they have been known worldwide for their game. Andre, The Giant net worth at his death, was surprisingly great, and he died in the year 1993. 

Andre, The Giant net worth at his death, was $5 million; as per the source as per the database, if he were with us and were wrestling, then probably his net worth would be $10 million or more. 

There is a vast difference in their net worth; Big Show’s current net worth is $16 million, per the mentioned source.

Shaquille O’Neal runs to staredown the Big Show in the annual Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale
Shaquille O’Neal runs to staredown the Big Show in the annual Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale. (Image Source: The SportsRush)

Big Show began his career in 1994, after the death of The Giant, and he presented The Giant while he was with WCW. 

Big Show’s net worth included the prize cash he won in every match, so the income might sometimes be low or higher than mentioned.

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