PJ Matlock Arrested

Is PJ Matlock arrested? There has been news about eight influencers getting arrested. Is Matlock one of them?

Eight social media influencers were charged with using their online fame to artificially inflate stock value last week, which netted them $114m.

The fraud in which the influencer has been involved might get them into 25 years of jail charged.

More information about them is yet to come out; people are curious about the case and Matlock, who was also involved in the fraud.

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Please continue reading to learn about PJ Matlock; we will add everything you need to know about the case.

Is PJ Matlock Arrested?

Yes, Perry Matlock, aka PJ, was arrested along with his seven friends last week; they have been charged with making money illegally. 

Eight of them, including Matlock, worked together to identify a stock to manipulate before promoting it; they have been involved in this illegal work since January 2020. 

PJ Matlock was arrested along with his seven friends on Wednesday.
PJ Matlock was arrested along with his seven friends on Wednesday. (Image Source: Haute Living)

After some investigation was held, every one of them was arrested and still under Police investigation. 

Matlock has not peeled guilt till now. Hopefully, more information will get released soon after more investigation.

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What Did PJ Matlock Do, And Where is Social Media Influencer Now?

As per the court documents, Matlock, with his seven friends, allegedly engaged in a wide-ranging securities fraud conspiracy.

They misused social media, and they used to defendants their extensive social media presence on Twitter and Discord to hype interest in particular securities by posting misleading information to pump the prices of those securities, which almost made many people believe out there.

All influencers are charged with one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud, which might cause them 25 years of jail.

Matlock currently has more than 340,000 Twitter followers and is active on Instagram.

He was seen behind the wheel of a black-and-orange McClaren in court documents on Wednesday, December 14. Matlock is currently under Police investigation.

Social media has made people believe in everything; they don’t realize if it’s fake until they get cheated.

Everyone should be careful with fraud; even your close one can do anything for their profit.

The FBI Houston Field Office is still investigating the case, so hopefully, more information will get to know soon.

According to the source, 25 years of jail is the punishment for the fraud they have committed, but with every charge, they might face ten years of prison at least.

Everyone of eight of them has earned a significant amount of money these whole two years. Matlock posted a picture with Lamborgini, one of the most expensive cars.

Social media influencers charged in $114M ‘pump and dump’ stock scheme
Social media influencers charged in $114 M’ pump and dump stock scheme. (Image Source: New York Post)

Not only him the co-founder of Altas Trending, but John Rybarcyzk also posted a picture with Lamborgini with the caption Welcome to the Family. 

They made almost 113 million through Discord and Twitter lying to their followers. 

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