Remy Hii Gay

Is Remy Hii Gay? Why has there been a question about Hii’s sexuality most often? Get to know via this article. 

Malaysian-Australian Actor Remy Hii attended the National Institute of Dramatic Art before appearing in movies and television shows. 

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Hii started his acting career as Gabriel Truong in a short movie, Beyond Blood. In the same year, 2009, he was present as a guest on the television show East of Everything.

People started noticing him from the series Better Man and Neighbours. Since then, Hii’s sexuality has also been questioned by many of his female and male fans.

So, to get to know more about the Actor read further and share your thoughts with us. 

Is Remy Hii Gay Or Does He Have A Wife?

The sexuality of Hii has been very unclear; he has not confirmed instead he is gay, bisexual, or straight. 

But it is confirmed that he does not have a wife; he has not been married or engaged. Also, he has yet to share his current relationship, which might mean he is single. 

Hii has been very private about his personal life, and it’s his choice to share it publicly or maintain privacy. 

About being gay, Hii has played the role of being gay in the television series Neighbours. Hii has appeared in 57 episodes of Neighbours. It has been confirmed that he was aware of his role as a gay in the series.

Remy Hii with his co-star in the series Neighbours.
Remy Hii with his co-star in the series Neighbours. (Image Source: The Guardian)

So, after the show, people claimed he was gay, but he had not made it official, so we cannot confirm the news.

Hii has not shared any information about his past relationship, so people have been confused about his sexuality; he has not shared about being with women or men.

Hopefully, he might share about his sexuality after being comfortable sharing it in public, or he might share soon as many questions have been raised recently.

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Remy Hii Family Details: Who Are Remy Hii Parents? 

Hii was born in a mixed ethnicity family in Malaysia; his Father is Chinese-Malaysian, whereas his mother is British, originally from Manchester.

His Father was from China, came to Malaysia, and settled there, so he holds two different ethnicities and nationalities.

But when he was eight, he moved to TownsvilleQueensland, with his parents. So, although he was born in Malaysia, he was raised and started his acting career in Australia. 

His parents have supported his career since the start; they have been involved in his program as his supporter. But they have kept a low profile and have not publicly shared much information.

 Remy Hii on Celebrating Lunar New Year, Past and Present
Remy Hii on Celebrating Lunar New Year, Past and Present. (Image Source: Brodsheet)

Hii has not shared about his siblings, which means he is the single child of his parents. Hii shares a close relationship with his Father and also with his mother.

Remy Hii Net Worth Update 

Different online portals have diffrent net worths mentioned, as he has not publicly shared his net worth and career earnings. 

According to the Sources, his net worth is $19 million, and he has been featured in many well-known roles and movies.

Also, looking at his Instagram, we can say that he is much interested in photography; he has shared his work on his official Instagram account.

If you want to get to know or just want an update about the Actor, then you can get connected on his Instagram; he has 146K followers currently, remyhii

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