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Many people have questioned whether Rocky Bivens and Michael Bivins are brothers. Is Rocky Bivens Related To Michael Bivins? 

Rocky Bivens is a recording artist, songwriter, producer, master negotiator, and serial entrepreneur.

Biv Global Management, an entertainment business representing premium clients in film, television, music, and fashion, was founded and led by Bivens.

Through his business, Bivens has perfected the skill of making companies and artists into well-known and generally regarded entities.

Meanwhile, Michael Bivins is an Actor and composer best known for his roles in Tropic Thunder (2008), Mo’ Money (1992), and Girls Trip (2017).

Is Rocky Bivens Related To Michael Bivins?

No, Rocky Bivens is unrelated to Michael Bivins, despite all the rumours. Rocky is a native of Chicago. Meanwhile, Michael Bivins is a native of Massachusetts.

Rocky is known for being the wife of famous American R&B singer LaTocha Scott. He works as a recording artist.

Besides that, Rocky is also a serial entrepreneur, producer, master negotiator, and songwriter.

Rocky Bivens Related To Michael Bivins
Rocky Bivens alongside his wife, LaTocha Scott. (Source: AceShowbiz.com)

He is renowned for his collaborations with iconic entertainers and for being responsible for some of the biggest business deals of all time.

Michael is undoubtedly carrying out his responsibilities properly, but he also belongs to the elite group of entertainers who are rapidly taking over the music business.

Although he had to put in a lot of effort to get where he is now, his influence and relevancy among this age are overwhelming.

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In the music business, Bivins was well-known in the early 1990s. His band Bell Biv DeVoe invented the jack swing sound around this time.

The group’s self-titled debut album also significantly contributed to their meteoric fame. Michael and Ronnie DeVoe and Ricky Bell founded the Bell Biv DeVoe, musical group.

Rocky Bivens And Michael Bivins Family Tree

Rocky Bivens was born to his parents on February 14, 1973, in Alabama, United States. He spent most of his childhood in Montgomery alongside his parents.

He was born and raised in Alabama, but he and his family live in Chicago today. Regarding Rocky Bevins’ family, few details are known.

It is known that his wife LaTocha and son Jamon make up his family. He specializes in breaking down barriers and achieving new heights in the entertainment industry.

Rocky Bivens Related To Michael Bivins
Rocky Bivens leads an entertainment business, Biv Global Management. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

For more than 25 years, Bivens’ has played a significant role in reshaping the look and sound of the recording industry.

He has been specially groomed and transformed into the man he is today through these numerous experiences.

In 1994, Bivens made his debut in the music industry, working his way up from a position as security for singer-songwriter R. Kelly to closing significant deals for the artist at the height of his career.

Meanwhile, the music heavyweight Michael Bivins was born to his parents on August 10, 1968, in Massachusetts, United States. His parents raised him in Boston.

Rocky Bivens Related To Michael Bivins
Michael’s band Bell Biv DeVoe invented the jack swing sound in the early 1990s. (Source: CAknowledge)

He is of African ethnicity and is an American citizen. Shirley Bivins is Michael’s mother, and Gerard Bivins is his Father.

Although details about his early years and academic accomplishments are not available online for unknown reasons, it is assumed that he attended school and had a lovely childhood.Tanya Bivins is his sister, doing important things with her life. Although there is little to no information on the singer’s mother, we discovered that she is a lovely mother and a devoted wife.

Michael tweeted that his mother had taught him to have an active lifestyle and make the most of each day.

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