Ryan Edwards Arrested Again

Ryan Edwards was Arrested Again as the TV personality has again got in trouble with the law. 

As the popular television personality Ryan Edwards is Arrested Again, we will take a closer look at his history with the law and why he has been arrested this time.

Please continue reading to the end to find out the details of his professional career and troubles with the law.

Ryan Edwards is a part of the Teen Mom OG supporting cast. He is the Father of Bentley, Jagger, and Stella Edwards and the ex-fiance of Maci McKinney. He is also the husband of Mackenzie Edwards.

Four adolescent mothers’ lives and their transitions into parenting are the main subjects of Teen Mom. It examines how difficult it was for them to raise a child at a young age, maintain employment, maintain healthy relationships, and stay in love.

The relationship between Ryan and Maci is strained throughout the entire series because neither Party can agree on how to communicate about her son Bentley or visitation schedules. 

The couple frequently fights, with Ryan continually believing that Maci is being difficult on purpose to cause him issues. Ryan often feels as though he is being ganged up on as a result of Maci’s close relationship with Ryan’s parents.

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Is Ryan Edwards Arrested Again For Drug Charges? 

Ryan Edwards was Arrested Again because the TV personality ran into legal issues again.

After the news of his arrest broke out, people asked: Is Ryan Edwards Arrested Again For Drug Charges? As the Actor is known to get into legal troubles with drug charges in the past, people assume this time is also the same. 

Ryan Edwards, who battles substance misuse, has been detained several times for drug possession.

Bentley is shared by the Teen Mom OG star and his ex, Maci Bookout. Since the 2009 airing of Bookout’s 16 and Pregnant episode, MTV cameras have been following the couple.

Teen Mom's Ryan Edwards Arrested for Heroin Possession
Teen Mom’s Ryan Edwards Arrested for Heroin Possession . (Source: Starcasm)

Following their breakup, Bookout wed Taylor McKinney in 2016. Son Maverick and daughter Jayde belong to the marriage. While all was going on, Edwards married Mackenzie Standifer in May 2017. 

While Edwards was in recovery, she gave birth to their son Jagger, their first child, in October 2018.

In an earlier interview with Us Weekly, Bookout exclusively discussed how she and McKinney have “stopped worrying about Ryan and his condition” due to Edwards’ drug misuse.

What Did Ryan Edwards Do This Time?

In March 2017, authorities detained Edwards for possessing heroin. Officers found “about 14 hypodermic needles, one of which was laden with heroin” in his car at the time of the arrest, according to the Police report Radar Online was able to get. 

Along with 1.8 grams of heroin, the cops reportedly discovered “two silver spoons with traces on them.”

Teen Mom OG’s season 6 finale in June 2017 featured a shocking video of Edwards nodding off at the wheel. 

During the show, Bookout also discussed her ex’s difficulties on camera. She proclaimed, “He’s an addict.” He is unconcerned with anything.

Ryan Edwards
This is not the first time that Ryan has gotten into legal trouble. (Source: Starcasm)

Following the episode’s airing, Edwards issued the following statement regarding entering a treatment facility: “A little over 30 days ago, I decided to check myself into a rehabilitation facility. 

Now that I’m back home, my life couldn’t be better. I could not have done this without the help of my wife and parents. I appreciate all the well wishes.

In March 2018, Edwards was taken into custody for violating his probation, one year after his initial conviction for heroin possession. At the time, a $5,000 bond was used to free the reality TV star. 

According to a source who spoke exclusively to Us, Edwards’ loved ones were worried that his 2017 stay in rehab wasn’t long enough to address his addiction adequately.

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