Sam Kerr Indian

Is Matilda’s player Sam Kerr Indian? Delve into the article to learn about the footballer’s nationality and ethnicity.

Australian professional soccer player Samantha May Kerr is a forward for Chelsea and the Australian women’s national team.

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Twenty-nine years old Samantha has captained the national team since 2019 and is known and valued for her leadership skills.

In 2008 Kerr debuted her senior professional football career with Perth Glory and has been part of several football clubs, including Sydney FC, Sky Blue FC, Chicago Red Stars, and Chelsea.

Similarly, Sam Kerr has been representing the Australian national team since 2008 from her Under 17 participation and since 2009 in the national team.

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Is Sam Kerr Indian: What Is Her Parents Nationality?

Sam Kerr was born in East Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia as the daughter of father Roger Kerr and mother Roxanne Kerr.

Sam Kerr is not an Indian, but she does have Indian descent in her ancestry lineage. Her father, an Anglo-Indian, was born in Kolkata to an English father and an Indian mother.

Later, Roger’s parents migrated to Australia and became permanent citizens of Australia.

This concludes that Sam Kerr is of partial Indian ancestry from her paternal side. Moreover, her mother is a White Australian who has Filipino roots.

However, Sam Kerr’s mother, Roxanne’s parents, and grandparents were natives of Australia. Thus, she belongs more to the white ethnicity.

The perfect blend between her parent’s nationality and family lineage makes the matildas player of mixed Nationality. However, as per the report, she could not be considered an Indian national legally. 

In all her legal documents, Samantha is regarded as Australian. This gives a valid reason for her playing as the Australian National player representing her birth country internationally.

Sam Kerr Indian
Sam Kerr does have Indian lineage, however, her legal representation is an Australian. (Source: smh)

In her initial days of playing as the Captain of the National team, there were two sides of opinion regarding her nationality, and many pointed out that she had to be represented as an Indian or an Indian- Australian player at least.

However, defending the situation, Sam Kerr’s parents gave a valid reason for disclosing their family lineage and ancestry history.

The statements of her parents and family explain that the matildas player does have an Indian family lineage, but her self-identity is more tilted to the Australian Nationality.

Sam Kerr Parents And Family Ethnicity

Matildas Player Sam Kerr was born on 10 September 1993 in a family of athletes. Her grandfather Coral Beryl was a featherweight boxer, and her grandmother Denzil Mowbray Kerr was a professional Indian Basketball player. 

Similarly, the next generation- her father, Roger, is a former Australian rules football player who played senior football for East Fremantle and Perth.

Started his career in 1981. Sam’s father played for a total of three clubs, including East Fremantle, Port Adelaide, and Perth, and got retirement in 1991.

After that, he was a coach for the Claremont club from 2008-2009.

Likewise, Sam’s mother, Roxanne, is also from a sporting family. Although she is not an athlete, her father and uncle -Sam’s maternal grandfathers were professional footballers.

Sam Kerr Indian
Sam Kerr’s father belongs to Indian descent and her mother is an white Australian. (Source: Gh)

They played for the West Australian Football League, and another maternal uncle of Roxanne J.J. Miller was the champion jockey.

Sam’s respect for her parents and her inspirational story regarding her parents are clearly depicted in her Instagram posts.

The newest generation of the Kerr family, Sam Kerr, and her older brother Daniel Kerr are also national-level athletes. 

Kerr’s brother is also a former professional Australian Rules footballer who later was banned from the games and club for some legal reasons.

Furthermore, her two sisters are also associated with college sports and are in preparation for their professional sports journey.

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