Is Sameer Stylo Arrested

Fans are asking questions like Is Sameer Stylo Arrested? as Sameer Stylo is a well-known model, content creator, blogger, and lifestyle and fashion influencer.

Sameer Stylo rose to fame as a result of his popular social media videos. He also posted videos on all of his social media channels.

When Sameer Stylo first began writing, he didn’t ask any experienced bloggers or Influencers for assistance or advice.

Instead, he was passionate about leaving his mark on the digital world and trusted his abilities. But he also faced several difficulties on his trip.

Numerous reputable and well-known brands have worked with Sameer Stylo. On his social media channels, he has a sizable fan base.

His followers and fans adore him for the original and educational information he posts. Over 2 million people follow Sameer Stylo on Instagram. 

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Is Sameer Stylo Arrested? What Did He Do & Where Is He Now?

The Crime Branch detained Sameer Khan and his friend, Mohd Sadiq Siddiqui Shah, in 2021, for their alleged involvement in posting a video showing a young girl being beaten while riding a scooter.

A socially active group notified Police after they saw the footage posted on social media.

It has been reported that on June 18, Shah took his 17-year-old girlfriend forcibly away from Kamal Chowk in a scooter after Khan became upset with her for getting friendly with another young person.

She was freed at Itabhatti Chowk after a few bystanders sprang into action to save her.

The girl had collapsed near Itabhatti Chowk and was taken to a hospital, but she chose not to file a complaint out of fear of further humiliation and abuse.

Sameer Stylo Arrested
Is Sameer Stylo Arrested? (Source: ABP News)

The Crime Branch had already detained Khan for spreading rumors about Covid on social media last year. Shah controlled the scooter while Khan and the girl were seated behind Khan.

Khan was also seen explaining the rationale behind his spectacular act of retaliation against his girlfriend, whom he also verbally assaulted, for allegedly two-timing him while shooting the video in selfie mode.

Khan was spotted manhandling the girl, who was eventually released at Itabhatti chowk while he was speaking to the camera.

Additionally, he was overheard confessing to previously abusing the girl physically. It was later discovered that he had been harassing her constantly by putting marriage proposals in front of her at numerous lodges in Kamptee and Kanhan.

The girl was first located in north Nagpur by the crime branch with help from the cyber cell, who then focused on Khan and Shah with her service.

The crime branch team of senior PI Sandipan Pawar and assistant PI Pawan More quickly solved the case, working under additional CP Sunil Phulari and DCP Gajanan Rajmane.

After being delivered to the Pachpaoli Police station, Khan and Shah were charged with several crimes, including rape.

Sameer Stylo Net Worth 2023

Sameer seems to be a little secretive regarding his personal information, like his net worth, as the influencer has not yet revealed anything regarding the matter.

According to Sab Kuch Info, his net worth is estimated to be over $1 million as of 2023. However, this information is yet to be confirmed by Sameer himself.

Sameer Stylo net
Sameer Stylo living his best life. (Source: Instagram)

Sameer seems to enjoy spending his hard-earned money as he frequently posts pictures of his car, race bike, expensive clothes, and many others on his social media.

He goes by the handle @sameerstaylo and has over 3 million followers on Instagram alone. Sameer is active here, as he regularly posts his pictures and reels and keeps his profile updated.

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