Is Schmidt From New Girl Gay

Many fans have questioned whether the Actor who plays Schmidt, a beloved but awkward character from the hit sitcom New Girl, is gay. 

Schmidt, a pseudonym for Winston Saint-Marie Schmidt, is a central figure in the FOX comedy New Girl. The Actor Max Greenfield performs him.

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The title character of the FOX comedy New Girl, Schmidt, is a mysterious individual with numerous aliases. Together, Schmidt and Cece are parents to a son named Moses, born in the show’s fifth season, and a daughter named Ruth.

One of the most endearing and hilarious television characters is Schmidt from the show. Along with being one of the most stylish, he has impeccable taste in suits and chic haircuts.

Is Schmidt From New Girl Gay? Sexuality Revealed

Schmidt from New Girl is Gay, but he married a woman.

Schmidt gay
Schmidt has had a few relationships with men since coming out, but he has also stayed close to his female friends. (Source:

The writers have experimented a lot throughout the series with Schmidt’s sexuality, a central plot point in the show. Schmidt is depicted as being extremely sexually active with both men and women in the early seasons of the show.

He frequently makes jokes about being attracted to men and has never been depicted with a girlfriend on the show or in real life. It would be welcome to see an openly gay character on a popular television program if the Actor who plays Schmidt is, in fact, gay. 

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It’s also possible that the Actor is merely portraying a gay character and not gay in real life.

Schmidt Partner In New Girl: Meet His Family

In the New Girl, Schmidt’s partner is Cece. In the season five finale, Schmidt and Cece finally get married. In the end, Nick, Schmidt, and Winston defeat Russell (Nick broke his hand in the process).

Schmidt and Cece
In the “New Girl” season five finale, Schmidt and Cece finally get married after four seasons of on-again, off-again antics. (Source:

Following four seasons of on-again, off-again antics, Schmidt and Cece wed. After dancing around their feelings for far too long, Nick and Jess reconcile at the end of season 6. Ruth, a daughter, and Moses, a son, are the two children that Schmidt and Cece have together.

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Schmidt and Cece, played by Hannah Simone, have a one-night stand that doesn’t end, leading to their eventual marriage, home purchase, and the birth of a daughter. Schmidt considers Cece his best girlfriend because she never fails to pardon him and encourages him to change for the better.

What Happened To Schmidt From New Girl?

Winston and Cece catch Schmidt in the act of office physical intimacy. They are compelled to vacate the loft after Schmidt is fired from his position. In Clean Break, Schmidt and Cece are compelled to divorce.

After some time, Schmidt got married to Jess and settled down. Schmidt’s storyline was one of the most intriguing and entertaining in the final season of New Girl, which had a brief season but did a good job of bringing the main characters to an end.

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Schmidt currently resides alone in his apartment, but he hasn’t yet used it. Schmidt appears to be a little lost right now, according to Jack Greenfield, who plays his character in the movie.

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