Is Shannon Sharpe leaving Undisputed?

Is Shannon Sharpe leaving Undisputed? Fans have been asking this following the recent tension with his co-host.

Shannon Sharpe is a famed sports star-turned-television personality. The former football tight end played in the NFL for 14 seasons, primarily with the Denver Broncos.

Considered one of the best tight ends, Shannon ranks third in tight end receptions, receiving touchdowns and yards.

Shannon was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2011.

Following his retirement, he has served as an analyst for The NFL Today and co-host for Skip and Shannon: Undisputed with Skip Bayless.

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Is Shannon Sharpe Leaving Undisputed? His New Job And Salary

Shannon Sharpe joined sports commentator Skip Bayless in Fox Sports 1’s sports debate show Skip and Shannon: Undisputed. The show premiered on September 6, 2016.

After over six years with the sports and entertainment talk show, there are rumors that he is leaving the Fox show.

However, there has been no formal confirmation, whether by Shannon, Skip, or the show officials.

Skip and Shannon
Skip and Shannon: Undisputed. (Source: Fox)

Shannon appears excited about the upcoming episode, which hints that he is not going anywhere.

His tweet yesterday (December 19) read, “What should we discuss tomorrow on @undisputed first? Cowboys cowboying or Brady looking like he works in a bakery with all those turnovers?” 

“I’m going to be on a 1k—good chance we don’t complete the 2.5-hour show. I am going to be ‘INSUFFERABLE,'” the tweet continued.

NBA Central reports that the Hall of Famer makes $3 million plus annually for the show, while Skip makes $6 million.

In addition to Undisputed, Shannon has a podcast called Club Shay Shay. Its episode featuring Bubba Wallace was selected on the “Apple Podcasts Best of 2021” list.

Shannon Sharpe And Skip Bayless Got Into A Heated Argument On Undisputed

The speculations about Shannon’s departure have arisen after Shannon and Skip’s worst screaming match on Undisputed.

The site reports that Tom Brady might be why the two co-hosts might “split up” following Monday’s show.

Bayless, 71, and Sharpe, 54, got into a heated argument when discussing Tom Brady’s loss to the San Francisco 49ers on the show.

The argument started intensely and kept escalating as Shannon made his case that Brady was declining.

Shannon often criticizes Tom Brady and the Dallas Cowboys while defending LeBron James on the show.

Skip, known for passionately defending TB12, made it personal this time by telling Shannon that Brady is a better footballer than he ever was.

Skip Bayless went too far with Shannon on Undisputed. (Source: The Black Wall Street Times)

“You are just jealous he is still playing at a high level at 45 when you had to stop playing at 35,” Skip pointed out.

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Shannon Sharpe Response To Skip Bayless

Shannon took his glasses off in frustration after listing out his accolades, which include three Super Bowls and a HOF spot. It was one of the few times he was visibly annoyed with Bayless.

“I did what I did; you make it seem like I was a bum,” Shannon said. “I’m in the f*n Hall of Fame; I have three Super Bowls!”

The entire atmosphere shifts as Skip says that Brady is “far better than” him.

Taking his glasses off, he yelled at the top of his lungs that he was better than Skip, stopping himself before insulting his co-host.

NFL Twitter applauded Shannon, as he represents how many fans feel about the Skip.

Skip has had some hot takes, like tirelessly supporting Baker Mayfield, that irritate NFL Twitter. The community praises Shannon’s patience and tolerance of the TV personality.

If Tom Brady remains the main topic of conversation on the Fox show, Skip and Shannon might only last a while together, MARCA reports.

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