Shebeshxt arrest

Shebeshxt arrest: A video clip titled “Shebeshxt got arrested” went viral recently. Social media users claimed that the singer got arrested for possessing unlicensed firearms and drugs. Find out how valid the claims are.

Shebeshxt is an emerging South African Amapiano singer. Originating in South Africa, Amapiano is a subgenre of House music. With the increasing digital streams, the genre’s popularity increased in 2019 across the African continent.

In 2022, Beatport added the genre to its platform with dedicated charts and playlists. Amapiano music has attracted young people on various media, especially TikTok.

Shebeshxt is one of the most popular Amapiano singers. The South African singer mainly promoted his music through social media and online platforms. As a result, he has accumulated a worldwide fan following.

Amid his increasing popularity, there has been shocking news about the musician. As per the reports, Shebeshxt got arrested, and the information became trending in social media. What did he do, and why was he arrested? Let’s find it all out in this short piece.

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Why Was Shebeshxt Arrested? Is He In Jail? What Happened To Him- Arrest, And Charge

A video clip titled “Shebeshxt got arrested” went viral recently. An anonymous person filmed the clip. In the clip, two Police officers appear to be handcuffing a shirtless man wearing only olive green pants and white sneakers.

Shebeshxt arrest
A snap from Shebeshxt got arrested viral video clip. (Source: YouTube)

When one of the officers notices the camera operator from his moving vehicle, he shouts something. The video uploader claimed that the man who was being arrested in the clip was Shebeshxt.

However, there have been no official reports so far. Also, the South African Police have not released any official statement. In addition, we can’t say the man being arrested was the South African singer, as the clip was quite blurry and the face was unclear.

Regardless, the musician’s fans worldwide are concerned about him.

Furthermore, some social media users claimed that the singer got arrested for possessing unlicensed firearms and drugs (Todii). At the same time, other people are saying that the musician was found not guilty. Unfortunately, there is no other evidence to support the claim.

Let’s hope the official media outlets or authorities will shed some light on the truth and provide details about Shebeshxt’s arrest case.

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Who Is Shebeshxt? Age And Real Name

As for Shebeshxt’s age, the singer is 27 years old as of 2022. His real name is Lehlogonolo Chauke. The musician is active on YouTube, Facebook, and many other platforms.

Shebeshxt appears to be in his 20s. (Image Source: Facebook)

As for his musical career, the South African artist seems passionate about music. As mentioned above, Shebeshxt is an emerging Amapiano singer from South Africa. Little information about his personal life is available because his career is still in its early stages.

Similarly, no information is available about the artist’s family and educational background.

Shebeshxt’s Spotify account has over 6 thousand monthly listeners. Manaba is the most popular song of the musician on the platform, with over 38K listening history.

Shebe Monateng, Changura, Bjala, Ke Di Shxt Malume, Weekend, Ake Boye, and Cinderella are some notable songs of Shebeshxt.

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