Is Sunny Hostin Sick?

Is Sunny Hostin sick? Get updates on the American journalist’s health and illness in 2024. 

Asunción “Sunny” Cummings Hostin, professionally known as Sunny Hostin, is an American lawyer, journalist, author, and television host. 

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Hostin serves as an analyst and senior legal correspondent for ABC News and co-hosts the morning discussion show The View on ABC.

Additionally, she served as the host and executive producer of Sunny Hostin’s true crime series Truth About ****** on Investigation Discovery.

Hostin started her legal career working for retiring Maryland Court of Appeals Chief Judge Robert M. Bell.

She eventually moved on to the US Department of Justice Antitrust Division as a trial lawyer. Hostin departed the Antitrust Division to work as a child *** crimes prosecutor for the federal government.

A Special Achievement Award was given to Hostin for her successful prosecution of *** offenders. In 2021, she published a book named Summer on the Bluffs.

There will be a television series made from the novel. A drama television series called The Counsel, which is based on the life and career of Hostin, will have her as executive producer.

Is Sunny Hostin Sick? Illness And Health In [2023]

Sunny Hostin is alive and well as of 2024. There is no official news of the host suffering from any illness. However, her sickness news surfaced on the internet in November 2022.

While Sunny Hostin was in focus on Monday’s show earlier this year, viewers could hear coughing off-screen.

With an excessive guest coughing, the host was directly in the line of fire. As a result, The View viewers expressed concern about her health.

Is Sunny Hostin Sick
Sunny Hostin was in Line Of Fire with an uncontrollable coughing guest in November 2022. (Source: TV Shows Ace)

Megan Twohey, a reporter for the New York Times, was invited by the talk program to address the Harvey Weinstein scandal. She spent the entire time seated next to Sunny.

Meghan had a coughing ****** on The View’s live broadcast on Monday. The tickle in her throat wouldn’t go away. As she sat close to Sunny during her part, Meghan coughed. Continue reading to find out more and see the fans’ responses.

Then it became apparent that Megan was coughing and that she wasn’t feeling too well. She said, “The little baby… with whom I’ve had postpartum depression, is now giving me a rotation of colds.”

Sunny handled it fairly lightly at the time, but as Megan spoke, it became apparent that she was battling to control her want to cough.

Even though the subject was serious, many show fans found it difficult to pay attention to anything but Megan’s cough.

Someone responded on Twitter, “Can the producers please give this woman some cough drops.”

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Sunny Hostin Plastic Surgery: Before And Before

Sunny Hostin made a significant decision in the summer of 2022. The host of The View underwent surgery to lift and reduce her breasts.

She also had liposuction done on her chin and waist, and she has now finally spoken up about how she feels after the procedure.

In January 2023, Sunny made her cosmetic treatments public, and she had no remorse about altering her body.

Is Sunny Hostin Sick
Sunny Hostin plastic surgery before and after pictures. (Source: NY Post)

“I anticipated that having plastic surgery would make me feel ashamed, as in, ‘Oh my God, I’m doing it like all these insane celebs.’ But I don’t feel ashamed at all,” she admitted in a People interview.

And I hope that by telling my story, more people will benefit. If they are as self-conscious about their bodies as I am, they can take the necessary steps to feel better.

The ABC News journalist acknowledged that having her children, Gabriel and Paloma, whom she shares with her husband, Emmanuel Hostin, made her understand how much her body had altered.

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