Taylor Mikesell

The American college basketball player Taylor Mikesell is often asked if she is related to Dayton Flyers’ senior player, Taylor Mikesell. Let’s check it in detail. 

Taylor Mikesell is a renowned American college basketball player. She currently plays for the Ohio State Buckeyes of the Big Ten Conference.

Further, Mikesell previously played for the Maryland Terrapins and the Oregon Ducks. She is active in her vocation since high school, and in her high school career, she played for Jackson High School in Massillon, Ohio.

More, she also played for the United States at the 2016 FIBA Under-17 World Championship for Women in Spain. Similalry, she also helped her team win a bronze medal.

On the other hand, Ryan Mikesell is also a senior-level basketball player who currently plays for Dayton Flyers. Likewise, he has played in all 33 games for the Flyers. 

Is Taylor Mikesell Related To Ryan Mikesell?

Basketball fans are curious to know about the relationship between Taylor Mikesell related to Ryan Mikesell. However, both personalities come from different family roots and are unrelated to each other. 

Taylor and Ryan don’t have any blood relation. However, they follow the same professional career platform. Therefore, this is just confusion created by the fans. 

Is Taylor Mikesell Related To Ryan Mikesell
Ryan Mikesell is also a basketball player, but he is not related to Ryan Mikesell. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, they also share the same surname, which made their fans search for their relationship, as many of them thought that they belonged to the same family and were siblings. 

Hence, the fact is not that Taylor Mikesell is the son of Kevin and Theresa Mikesell, and she has a brother named Clarke. On the other hand, Ryan is the son of Reed and Lisa Mikesell. 

Also, Ryan has three siblings: Lanee, Andy, and Ally Mikesell. Therefore, it is proved that both basketball players have nothing to do with each other and are nowhere related. 

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Meet Taylor Mikesell Parents Kevin And Theresa Mikesell

As said earlier, Taylor Mikesell is the daughter of Kevin and Theresa Mikesell. The college basketball player was born to her parents on September 30, 1999. 

Similarly, her birthplace is Massillon, Ohio, and she holds American nationality. She has received great support from her parents from an early age and credits them for all her success.

Taylor Mikesell Family
Taylor Mikesell shares a photo with her family members on 2017 Easter.  (Source: Instagram)

Taylor says her family members have inspired her to pursue a career as a basketball player. She was introduced to this sport by her father. So, she grew up with her older brother playing on a mini hoop.

Once, Taylor said that her father supported her through a feverish recruiting process. 

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Did Taylor Mikesell Family Get In a Plane Crash?

No, Taylor Mikesell’s family didn’t get in a plane crash. All of her family members are doing well in their life. The topic of the plane crash was linked to Taylor’s family when another person with the same surname uploaded a video on YouTube.

A YouTube channel registered as The Mikesell Family posted a video on August 11, 2020. The video titled “We SURVIVE a Plane CRASH” has gained more than 1 million views.

the mikesell family crash
The Mikesell family talks about their plane crash incident in 2020. (Source: YouTube)

In the video, the family explained that they were involved in a bad plane crash in the Uintah mountains. They faced some injuries but luckily survived. The crash happened in 2020. 

Due to that, Taylor was linked with the plane crash. So, it becomes clear that Taylor’s family is not the one who was involved in the plane crash. 

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