Terry Flenory Still In Jail

Is Terry Flenory still in jail? People are interested in learning about the co-founder of the Black Mafia arrest and charges.

Flenory is a famous American drug dealer and businessman who locked up with his older brother, Big Meech, in 2005. 

They founded Black Mafia Family and handled more than team members working the Company; they were illegally involved in drugs and more business. 

His brother Big Meech and he worked together as a partner for a long time, but due to a disagreement, they mutually decided to work separately; Flenory moved to Los Angeles, California, USA, to establish his own. 

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But two brothers were arrested and charged with multiple incidences of cocaine possession and sentenced to 30 years in jail. So, people are curious about the recent update. 

Is Terry Flenory Still In Jail?

Flenory was released from prison in 2020 due to ongoing health concerns and COVID-19; he was getting medical attention in his House. 

Since Flenory was released, his brother tried to get fired for the same reason, but the court canceled his release. At the time, the former gangster was under House arrest. 

Flenory gained much attention during his release; the media and press were outside the prison waiting for his release. 

Terry Flenory released from prison in 2020 due to ongoing health concerns.
Terry Flenory was released from prison in 2020 due to ongoing health concerns. (Image Source: The News Pocket)

The two brothers were sentenced to 30 years of jail, but since he has been released in health condition, he has not been in prison. The gangster has been under House arrest and probably not be out until he serves for 30 years.

Flenory has often been active on his social media, and he also goes by Southwest name, so he has been following his Instagram as southwest. He has 547K followers currently and is active on it. 

After his release, he got positive comments from people; he has gained thousands of supportive family. 

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Terry Flenory Black Mafia Arrest And Charge

Flenory started a drug empire with his older brother Big Meech; his real name is Demetrius Edward. 

Two of the brothers started dealing drugs when they were in high school; at the time, they started building a large community, and 500 team members were involved in the dealing they were doing. 

Their wheeling and dealing began in the late 1980s, and within two years, the brothers had built a strong drug empire.

According to the Department of Justice, the brothers moved hundreds of kilograms of cocaine into Atlanta, Detroit, and another city each month between 2003 and 2004.

Flenory brothers arrested and sentenced for 30 years of prison in 2008.
Flenory brothers were arrested and sentenced to 30 years of prison in 2008. (Image Source: YEN.com.gh)

Then, in 2005 they were arrested and charged with multiple incidences of cocaine possession. They ran into many trials, and an investigation was ongoing for almost two years. 

After a lengthy trial and investigation, court documents decided in 2008 that they were guilty of running a criminal enterprise and later sentenced to 30 years in prison 2008. 

Although Flenory was released with his health condition during Covid, his brother is still serving his time in jail, and he will probably get released after almost 15 years. 

Big Meech tried to get released on why his brother was released, but the court disagreed with his release. 

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