Is Theodore Roosevelt Related To Franklin Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt, two famous American presidents, share the same surname. Is Theodore Roosevelt Related To Franklin Roosevelt?

Theodore Roosevelt Jr., also known as Teddy or by his initials T. R., was a politician, statesman, soldier, conservationist, and historian who represented the United States as the 26th president from 1901 to 1909.

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In 1901, he also served as the 25th vice president. From 1899 to 1900, Theo was the 33rd governor of New York.

Following McKinley’s ******, he was elected president and established himself as the leader of the Republican Party. He also became a leading proponent of Progressive and anti-trust policies.

Meanwhile, from 1933 until his passing in 1945, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, better known by his initials FDR, served as a US president, prominent statesman, and politician.

He had previously held positions as the 44th governor of New York (1929–1922), the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (1913–20), and a senator for the state of New York (1911–1913).

Roosevelt initiated ground-breaking federal legislation during his first 100 days in office and issued numerous executive orders that launched the New Deal.

Is Theodore Roosevelt Related To Franklin Roosevelt?

Yes, America’s two most famous presidents, Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, were related to each other and were distant cousins. 

Both served as presidents for more than one term, but Franklin made history by being the first person to be elected for a third and a fourth term.

Is Theodore Roosevelt Related To Franklin Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt were distant cousins. (Source: Brewminate)

For Theodore, it was the Russo-Japanese War, which he helped end with the Treaty of Portsmouth on September 5, 1905, and he was given the Nobel Peace Prize the following year.

One of the “Big Three” commanders, with Sir Winston Churchill of the UK and Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union, Franklin D. Roosevelt, oversaw the Allied nations’ fight against Nazi Germany and Japan during World War II.

He was also a proponent of peace and played a crucial role in developing the United Nations’ goals.

Franklin and Theodore had a similar love of the great outdoors. Franklin, however, had to give up playing sports after contracting polio in August 1921.

Franklin, then 39, was briefly paralyzed; though he later regained movement and could walk with braces, he never entirely recovered.

He persisted in his life of public service with unwavering tenacity and was elected president in 1933.

He lived through two of the nation’s most trying times, the Great Depression (1929–1939) and World War II (1939–1945). He had a cerebral hemorrhage and passed very unexpectedly in April 1945.

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Theodore Roosevelt And Franklin Roosevelt Family

Theodore Roosevelt Jr. was born to his parents in Manhattan, New York City, on October 27, 1858.

Theo was the second of four children born to businessman and philanthropist Theodore Roosevelt Sr. and socialite Martha Stewart Bulloch.

He had a younger brother named Elliott, a younger sister named Corinne, and an elder sister named Anna.

Is Theodore Roosevelt Related To Franklin Roosevelt
The Roosevelt family is one of just four families with the same surname having produced two presidents of the United States. (Image Source: Quora)

Eventually, Elliott became the father of Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, who eventually wed Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a distant relative of Theodore.

His other heritage was predominantly Scottish and Scottish-Irish, English, with minor German, Welsh, and French. His paternal grandfather was of Dutch descent. 

On the other hand, James Roosevelt I, a merchant, and Sara Ann Delano, his second wife, welcomed Franklin Delano Roosevelt as their son on January 30, 1882, in the Hudson Valley village of Hyde Park, New York.

His parents, the Roosevelts, the Aspinwalls, and the Delanos, respectively, came from rich, well-known New York families and were sixth cousins.

In the 17th century, Roosevelt’s paternal ancestor moved to New Amsterdam, where the Roosevelt family prospered as merchants and landowners.

The Delano family prospered as merchants and shipbuilders in Massachusetts after Philip Delano, the family patriarch, sailed to the New World on the Fortune in 1621.

James Roosevelt “Rosy” Roosevelt, Franklin’s half-brother, was a child of his father’s first marriage.

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