Trey Yingst Gay

Is Trey Yingst Gay? American media correspondent Trey Yingst works as a foreign journalist for Fox News. He works for the networks of Fox News Channel out of Jerusalem, Israel. 

Yingst has aired from both the Middle East and the Gaza Strip for Fox News programs. Most Trey has recently been in charge of FNC’s live coverage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, offering round-the-clock dispatches from the city of Kyiv. 

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American journalist Trey Yingst works for Fox News as a foreign correspondent out of Jerusalem, Israel. Yingst has appeared on Fox News programs while reporting from the Gaza Strip and other locations in the Middle East.

After attending American University and graduating from the American University School of Communication with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast communication, he enrolled there. 

He graduated in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism. Is Trey Yingst Gay? Let’s dive deep into this article till the end to learn more about the journalist.

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Is Trey Yingst Gay? Meet His Partner Adi Spiegelman

Is Trey Yingst Gay? No, Trey is not gay; however, in 2019, there were rumors that he was seeing fashion model Adi Spiegelman. 

When they attended the CBS News and Politico 2019 White House Correspondents Duner Pre-party at the Washington Hilton on April 27, 2019, they were seen together and captured in the picture by Getty Image.

Even Trey posted photos from the red carpet on his Instagram. Additionally, he frequently shared photos with his love interest.  

We can assume that Trey Yingst is married, but we are unsure. We are unsure of his marital status because he has kept his personal affairs confidential. He does, in fact, have a long-term relationship with the model as it is known.

It appears likely that Yingst is in a relationship but does not want to reveal much about his personal life, even though he has never explicitly said that he is or is not. 

Trey Yingst Gay
Trey Yingst Gay rumors are not true as he is very happy with his girlfriend. (Source: eDaily Buzz)

He has been with Johnston for more than ten years, and they seem to get along great. It’s probable that Yingst would have brought it up by now if they weren’t married.

It’s also conceivable that Yingst is married but has chosen to shield the public from seeing his wife. This would account for why we are so unfamiliar with his personal life. 

Whatever the circumstances, we wish Yingst the best of luck and a happy life with her.

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Family And Career Details Of Trey Yingst

Tray reported from Kyiv, Ukraine, during the Russian invasion in February of 2022. Parents Jed (the father) and Debbie Lee (the mother) gave birth to Yingst. 

Trey also grew up with his identical twin sister Aly Yingst, a Ph. Ph.D.-holding expedition guide, anthropologist scuba instructor, and independent writer.

Trey Yingst, born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in 1993, is currently 28 years old. Yingst is the son of his parents, Debbie Lee Yingst and Jed Yingst.

Many of you might not be aware, but Trey’s family includes a twin sister. Aly Yingst is Trey’s twin sister. Aly is a doctoral candidate at the University of Iceland right now. 

Trey Yingst Gay
Yingst is the son of his parents, Debbie Lee Yingst and Jed Yingst. (Source: Internet)

She is a freelance writer, anthropologist, scuba instructor, and expedition guide.

Trey and Aly get along well and like to spend time together as a family whenever they can. Not to mention, they have a similar passion for their parents.

In addition, Debbie, Trey’s mother, is a kidney patient who had a transplant last year. Regarding Trey Yingst’s father, little is known.

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