Trisha Tubu Transgender

The gossip and rumors about a prolific volleyball player, Trisha Tubu Gender have caught media attention these days. So is Trisha Tubu transgender? Let’s find out together.

Trisha Tubu is a volleyball player from the Philippines who played as a rookie spiker for the Adamson Lady Falcons in the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) women’s volleyball tournament.

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She joined the team in 2019 and played for two seasons, wearing jersey number 15. During her stint with the Adamson Lady Falcons, Tubu showcased her skills as a spiker, impressing fans and coaches with her power and athleticism.

She played a key role in the team’s offense, contributing to their offensive firepower and helping them secure victories in important matches.

Although her time with the team was short-lived, Trisha left a lasting impression on the UAAP volleyball community with her performances on the court.

Recently, there has been buzz circulating all over social media concerning Trisha Tubu’s appearance, gender, and sexuality. So, to unveil more about her gender and sexuality, stick with us till the end of this article.

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Is Trisha Tubu Transgender? Gender And Sexuality

Since Trisha is gaining popularity and attention because of her hard work, people want to learn more about her personal life, including her gender and personal preferences.

On the other hand, the volleyball player hasn’t come out publically, and Tubu has shared very few details regarding if she is transgender.

Hence, the actual details about her gender are not available at the moment. Furthermore, we can see people commenting about her physical appearance on social media handles.

Tubu says that since she competed for Adamson in the UAAP girls’ volleyball tournament in high school, she has received derogatory remarks on social media about her looks.

Trisha Tubu Transgender
Trisha Tubu with her team at Ynares Sports Arena. (Source: Facebook)

The talented volleyball player, however, ignores remarks about how she looks when performing for Adamson.

She added that she is muting the “social media noise” and concentrating on performing well for the team. “In the first place, I really can’t change what people have to say about me. All I need right now is my team.

Whatever other individuals say, I remain outside of it since I can’t do anything.” said Trisha. 

“It’s been part of the way I think. I know for a fact that if I let their thoughts affect me, it will just be difficult for me and my time. Hence I am just using it as inspiration so I can improve my confidence.”

Apart from this, even though much is left to discover about Trisha’s sexuality, many people keep adoring her spirit and confidence. 

Is Trisha Tubu Dating Somebody Recently?

With rising fame, people also want to know about Trisha’s love life. So, who is the rising volleyball dating? 

By now, you must have realized that the volleyball player is a highly secretive person. As a result, details about her sexuality, gender, and love life stays a mystery. 

However, going through her Facebook account, we can see that the athlete has posted some pictures with a girl who looks like her potential partner. 

Those pictures are cute and adorable and Tubu has chosen to use romantic captions for those pictures.

Trisha Tubu Transgender
Trisha Tubu frequently shares pictures with her potential partner. (Source: Facebook)

However, the identity of her alleged partner has yet to be discovered, and it is also not sure if the two are dating.

Still, going through her Facebook account, it seems that the two are dating, which also gives hints about Trisha’s sexuality.

Even with official confirmation from the volleyball star, we can make speculations.

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