Caleb Williams

Caleb Williams has been a football quarterback for the USC Trojans team since January 2022. His fans are eager to know if his hair is natural or not. I think we should find out.

Williams entered his playing career in college by playing his freshman season at Oklahoma in 2021; he played seven games with Oklahoma and sifted to USC in 2022.

Before starting his career as a freshman, he attended Gonzaga College High School and gave his best for his high school football career.

People have started noticing him since he entered in USC team; his first match was against Rice, and the USC team won the game by 66–14.

Continue reading the article to know if he uses fake hair during the match or if it’s his natural hair.

Is USC Trojans QB Caleb Williams Hair Real?

USC Trojans quarterback Caleb Williams has a mop of curly hair; he has different hair than 90% of people.

Most black people share the same hair, so his hair has been curly since birth. Williams’s natural hair is thick, black, and curly.

Williams always has some kind of hairstyle, he hasn’t changed much, and his fans have loved the hair look.

It also suits his facial structure; people might have needed clarification about his hair because it looks different than anyone on the team.

But we can see the same hairstyle in many people, like Patrick Mahomes. 

TikTok video from Celab Williams
TikTok video from Caleb Williams. (Image Source: TikTok)

Also, he shared a TikTok video with the caption; it seems like he has changed my hair while getting my hair done.

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Long Hairstyle Looks Good On Caleb William Face

William has often kept his hair short and had the same style for a long time; there has not been a vast difference in his hair in the past few years.

But it seems like he has been trying to keep his hair long for some time; in the recent TikTok video, his hair looks a bit longer than it had in the past.

Viewers have been noticing him, and they have liked the structure of his look hair, which also looks good on his face.

It is always hard to take good care of your curly hair; it isn’t always in the right shape like straight hair, so William has probably been putting his hair in form so as to avoid getting disturbed in the match.

Also, we can often see him wearing some kind of band in his hair to avoid getting disturbed in the match. 

Long hair suits, Caleb Williams
Long hair suits, Caleb Williams. (Image Source: News On 6)

Williams has not shared much information regarding his hair, but he seems to have more comfortable with his short hair.

The mop of curly hair has suited his face structure; his recent Instagram post also shows his hair clearly.

Net Worth of USC Trojans QB Caleb Williams

Williams had started earning after he had joined college football; before that, he did not get paid for his high school team. 

So, as per the Sources, the net worth of a well-known player is $500k, which is a good amount.

Williams’s primary source of income is from his career as a player; he has not mentioned any work he has been doing, so he might earn more than the said amount.

Williams has just started his career; he will earn more if he starts his professional football career in the NFL team. Hopefully, we will get to see him in NFL soon.

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