Is Vicki Lawrence Related To Steve Lawrence

Vicki Lawrence and Steve Lawrence share the same last name, and both share the same professional background. Hence, many people ask, “is Vicki Lawrence related to Steve Lawrence?”

Certainly, Vicki Lawrence and Steve Lawrence share several common similarities. There may be a connection between the two based on their entertainment careers and surnames, but is this really the case?

Vicki Lawrence is an American actress, singer, and comedian who began her career as a high school student, appearing on The Carol Burnett Show in 1967 as a member of the show’s ensemble cast.

Vicki quickly became a regular on the show and developed her most famous character, Thelma Harper/Mama, based on her own mother.

On the other hand, Steve Lawrence is an American singer, actor, and comedian who began his career as a singer in the 1950s, recording a string of hits with his wife and singing partner Eydie Gormé, including “Go Away Little Girl” and “This Could Be the Start of Something Big.”

In addition to his music career, Lawrence has also worked as a comedian, appearing on television shows such as The Ed Sullivan Show and The Carol Burnett Show. 

Moreover, both personalities are successful in their own manner and share striking and established professional careers. Hence, via this article, let’s explore if Vicki and Steve are related to one another.

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Is Vicki Lawrence Related To Steve Lawrence? Relationship Explained

To clarify, Vicki Lawrence and Steve Lawrence are actually not related by blood, despite sharing the same last name. Similarly, the two celebrated personalities do not share any known familial ties. They just happen to share the same last name.

Steve Lawrence was born Sidney Liebowitz, and he legally changed his name to Steve Lawrence when he entered the entertainment industry. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, to Jewish parents.

Meanwhile, Vicki Lawrence’s birth name is Vicki Ann Axelrad, and she was born in Inglewood, California, to a Protestant family. When she was a young child, the family surname was officially changed to “Lawrence.”

Is Vicki Lawrence Related To Steve Lawrence
Steve Lawrence and Vicki Lawrence are not related to each other. (Source: TMZ)

There is a common misconception that Vicki and Steve are related, likely due to their shared last name and similar careers in the entertainment industry. However, they are two separate individuals who are not related to each other in any way.

While Vicki and Steve may not be related, they both have made significant contributions to the entertainment industry and are respected figures in their respective fields.

Family Tree Of Vicki Lawrence

Vicki Lawrence is a loving and supportive daughter of her father, Howard Axelrad, a certified accountant for Max Factor, and her mother, Anne Alene (nee Loyd).

She grew up alongside her sister named, Joni Lawrence, who is a make-up artist by profession. Speaking of her romantic life,  Vicki Lawrence has been married twice in her life.

She first married Bobby Russell, a songwriter and music producer, in 1972.  Unfortunately, Vicki and Bobby divorced in 1974.

Is Vicki Lawrence Related To Steve Lawrence
Vicki Lawrence shares a thriving personal life. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, in 1974, Vicki Lawrence married Al Schultz, a makeup artist and hairdresser. The pair together share two kids, Garrett Lawrence Schultz, born in 1977, and Courtney Allison Schultz, born in 1975. 

Vicki Lawrence is now a proud grandmother through her children’s marriages and families.

Family Tree Of Steve Lawrence

Steve Lawrence, whose birth name is Sidney Liebowitz, was born on July 8, 1935, in Brooklyn, New York, USA. He was the son of a Jewish father Max, a cantor at the Brooklyn synagogue, and his mother, Helen, a housewife.

On 29th December 1957, Steve Lawrence married Eydie Gorme, a singer and actress.

The pair together had two sons; Michael Robert Lawrence (1962-1986), who passed away suddenly at the age of 23 from ventricular fibrillation brought on by an undiagnosed heart problem, and David Nessim Lawrence (b. 1960), an ASCAP Award-winning songwriter who wrote the music for High School Musical.

Moreover, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme have been married for over five years. They are a beloved musical duo known for their performances of classic American standards and show tunes.

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