Isa Guha

Isa Guha is an English cricket commentator and former England cricket player. 

She is a right-arm fast-medium bowler and right-handed batter; Isa played in the 2005 World Cup and 2009 World Cup. 

She came into the limelight after she was on the winning team during the 2009 World Cup, which people mostly notice from playing in the 2009 World Cup. 

After seeing her become a well-known media personality, people have been asking many personal questions. She has mostly asked about her religion. Does she believe in god? 

Isa Guha Religion: God Faith And Belief

Isa Guha was born in England, but her parents were sifted from Calcutta, West Bengal, India. So, she is half Indian and half English. 

But Isa has been following Hinduism since birth, her parents have always been religious, and she grew up seeing them have faith in the Hindu religion. 

Most people from India follow the Hindu religion and have faith in the Hindu gods Brahma, the creator; Vishnu, the preserver; & Shiva, the destroyer. 

They worship every god from the Hindu religion, so Isa has also been worshiping and having faith in those gods. Mostly Isa visits a temple, and the people from the Hindu religion have a separate temple at their House. 

She is a permanent resident of England but follows all religions and festivals from her Indian culture. She is Bengali, and they mostly celebrate Bengali festivals together. 

Isa Guha Family Details 

Isa Guha was born to Indian parents, and they sifted in England in the 1970s before the birth of Isa. 

She is the daughter of Barun Guha and Roma Guha, and they welcomed her into this world on 21 May 1985. 

Isa Guha with her mother
Isa Guha with her mother. Image Source: Instagram

She was born in High WycombeEngland, so she is a permanent resident of England. She was raised with her two siblings, Panchali Guha, a sister, and a brother Kaushik Guha.

Kaushik Guha shares a six-year gap with her sister, and he also played cricket from an early age. He was selected for the Development England side at 13. The information about her sister has not been disclosed yet. 

Also, Isa has not shared much information about her family member in public, and there has always been little information about them. 

But her parents were her biggest supporter, and they always supported her with her career path. And her elder brother also has always been there to help her. 

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Isa Guha Ethnicity 

Isa belongs to British-Indian Ethnicity, she was born in England, but her parents belong to India. They also call it British-Asian sometimes. 

They hold both Indian nationality and British nationality, and they were sifted to Uk in the 1970s. 

She is of Bengali roots and has always followed Bengali culture, although she has always been English. 

Isa Guha Net Worth 2023

Everyone is curious to know the net worth of an English cricket commander who was also a cricket player. 

The net worth of Isa Guha from England is worth $31 million, according to Source. Her primary income source is her career as a player and commander. 

Isa Guha
Isa Guha during her work day. Image Source: Instagram

Also, she might have other sources of income, like business and investments, which she has not shared with the public yet. Isa is very passionate and hard-working, and she has been earning a good amount at age 38. 

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