Ishowspeed Sexuality

People are curious about IshowSpeed sexuality. He reportedly has an on-again, off-again connection with Ermony Renee, alias Dream but is definitely not gay.

The well-known YouTube channel “IShowSpeed” is owned by Darren Watkins, a young American gaming and social media celebrity.

Since the young star himself started the controversy over his sexuality with some careless remarks on a live stream in late 2021, questions about his sexuality have persisted and will likely continue to do so.

Let’s quickly review the young gamer’s life and the main source of the rumors regarding IshowSpeed sexuality.

Ishowspeed Sexuality: What About His Gay Rumors?

Talking about Ishowspeed sexuality, evidently, no, he is not gay. This was made clear by the celebrity himself when he later withdrew a public self-declaration that had identified him as gay.

Speed came out as gay in September 2021 while they were having a live-streamed conversation about romantic relationships with a friend and well-known musician named Ava.

A day later, the YouTube gamer who had made the “coming out” declaration retracted it in a YouTube video.

Ishowspeed Sexuality
Talking about Ishowspeed Sexuality, he is not gay. (Source: Instagram)

Speed indicated in the video that he was irritated when he made the statement and didn’t mean to say what he did.

Speed firmly claimed that he was straight to dispel any confusion that his reported “coming out” speech had caused.

If He is Not Gay, Is He Still Dating Ermony Renee?

The young YouTuber’s current romantic partner is unknown. It is impossible to say whether he is still seeing his girlfriend Ermony Renee, better known as Dream, because their relationship is so erratic.

At some point near the end of 2021, IShowSpeed made it known that he was no longer dating Dream, whom he claimed had broken up with him. Beyond his relationship with Dream, not much is known about Speed’s love life because he has spoken about it openly but infrequently.

Cincinnati, Ohio, is where Ermony was born. That is the only information available at this time regarding the woman IShowSpeed is presently dating.

Ishowspeed sexuality
Ishowspeed and Ermony Renee together. (Source: mynewsGh)

She presently keeps the world in the dark about her family history and practically everything else concerning her connection with Speed.

According to some sources, she went to Walnut Hills High School. Additionally, it’s been said that Speed and Dream met at UDF and immediately started dating.

Ava and YouTuber IShowSpeed are not currently dating and have never been in a relationship. Like Speed, Ava is a growing social media celebrity who can be found on several different social media sites, such as YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, and Twitter.

She frequently appears on Speed’s YouTube channel, IShowSpeed, which sparked rumors about a potential connection.

She primarily creates stuff for the channel, but recently she has started to show off some previously undiscovered talents like singing. She recently released a tune on her YouTube account called Bring ‘Em Out.

Does IShowSpeed Have A Daughter?

Speed has a daughter, whom he once introduced to the online community in a YouTube video.

The YouTube celebrity masked her face to conceal her identity from the general public.

Speed had hosted a YouTube session a few months before that introduction, and in the middle of it, a voice could be heard in the background saying, “goodnight, papa.”

Since IShowSpeed has refrained from speaking too much about his daughter, neither her name nor, more significantly, her mother’s identity is known to the general public or the media. 

Ishowspeed sexuality
Ishowspeed is rumored to have a child. (Source: Instagram)

The relationship between Speed and Dream has been the subject of an investigation by numerous other YouTubers, with the general belief that their antics on social media are publicity gimmicks used to boost their subscribers and viewers.

Along with the purported publicity stunt, it is also said that Dream and Speed are still dating but have decided to keep their relationship a secret.

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