Isiah Pacheco Tattoo

Isiah Pacheco Tattoo meaning and design has been a top discussed topic on the Internet. 

Pacheco is a professional American football player who serves as a running back for the Kansas City Chiefs in the National Football League. 

Before being drafted by the Chiefs in the seventh round of the 2022 NFL Draft, he played college football at Rutgers.

Throughout his four years of college football, Pacheco was a regular player who ended his college football career with 563 rushing attempts and 18 rushing touchdowns. 

Besides his professional life, people are often curious to learn about his personal life information; this article will mention everything you need to know about his tattoo and new hair look. 

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Isiah Pacheco Tattoo Meaning And Design

Pacheco is the youngest child of his parents, and he shares four siblings where two of them has been murdered. 

So, he made that tattoo to pay tribute to his brother, Travoise Cannon, who got killed in 2016, and his sister, Celeste Cannon, in 2017. 

Picture of Isiah Pacheco which shows clear pictures of his arm tattoo.
Picture of Isiah Pacheco, which shows clear pictures of his arm tattoo. (Image Source: Instagram)

They were found gunshot in their House; it was heartbreaking to his family and him to lose two of his close family members. 

Isiah Pacheco stated that he plays football for his family. He explained that his family had experienced many difficult moments, particularly with the passing of his brother and sister, which had deeply affected his mother.

As the youngest child, Pacheco felt he could bring joy to his mother by working hard on the football field and striving to reach the next level in his football career.

Pacheco has always made his parents proud, and they have always supported him with his career path as well. 

So, to be clear, his tattoo was for his late siblings, who were murdered. 

The design has yet to be discussed publicly, but you can find pictures of it on the Internet. 

Is Kansas City Chiefs RB Hair Real? Long Hairstyle

The Kansa City player Isiah always had a long hairstyle; he has not had a different transformation than having long hair. 

Yes, the professional player’s hair is natural; black people are often seen with those hairstyles, which is natural hair. 

It looks like he has been through a deadlock hairstyle, but he has yet to be seen without those styles since he started playing. 

Pacheco faced the biggest task of his football career during the AFC Championship.
Pacheco faced the biggest task of his football career during the AFC Championship. (Image Source: New York Post)

In his childhood pictures, you can also find that his hair looks thick and curly. It is expected of black people; they have thick curly hair. 

Pacheco has not changed his long hairstyle; you can find pictures of him only with a long hairstyle, which you can say is a deadlock hairstyle.

Additionally, he has yet to share his hair routine or hairstyle publicly. 

Isiah Pacheco Net Worth Update 

Kansas City drafted Pacheco in 2022, and people have started discussing his net worth since then. 

As per the Source, his net worth is $5 million; the professional player signed a four-year contract with $3,739,108. 

Isiah Pacheco Chiefs contract and bonuses
Isiah Pacheco Chiefs contract and bonuses. (Image Source: GH Gossip)

Isiah Pacheco’s current cap hit, which refers to the total amount of money that counts against his team’s salary cap, is less than $800,000.

However, for the current year, Pacheco’s salary is just $705,000. Also, it has been mentioned that his salary increase every year. 

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