Isma Olaxes Death

Videos of the blogger Isma Olaxes being shot have also been circulating on social media. Therefore, people are searching for Isma Olaxes death and obituary. 

Isma Olaxes, also known as Jaja Iculi, was a famous Ugandan vlogger and social media influencer who achieved a large following for his entertaining and informative videos on various topics, including celebrity news, politics, and social issues.

He was known for his unique style and personality, and his death in May 2023 shocked his fans and followers.

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Isma Olaxes Death And Obituary

Numerous pictures have been circulating on social media showing Isma Olaxes’ body covered in blood while seated in a car wearing a Lakers jersey and a subha wrapped around his neck.

Reports from close sources indicate that the outspoken blogger was killed by unknown assailants riding a motorcycle in the Kyanja area while on his way home.

Isma Olaxess was a well-known figure who gained popularity for his unapologetic views, which his followers admired.

Isma Olaxess was shot and killed on May 7, 2023, while in his car near his home in Kyanja, a suburb of Kampala.
Isma Olaxess was shot and killed on May 7, 2023, while in his car near his home in Kyanja, a suburb of Kampala. (Image Source: TheSpy Uganda)

Additionally, several entertainers highly regarded him for his convincing nature in promoting the arts.

Nevertheless, his rise to fame was not without controversy, as his critical views and perceived arrogance made him a few enemies.

Shortly after the shooting of Isma Olaxes, a statement was posted on his Facebook page, Jajja Iculli1, informing his followers of the sad news. The statement read, “We regret to inform you that Jajja Iculi has been shot. More information will follow.”

Less than 30 minutes later, another statement was posted on the page, confirming that Isma Olaxes had passed away.

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Ugandan Blogger Shot Dead In Kyanja Shooting

The police in Kampala are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting and subsequent death of famous blogger Ibrahim Tusubira, also known as Isma Olaxess.

The tragic incident occurred at around 9:20 PM on Saturday in Kyanja Central Zone, a suburb of Kampala.

According to Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy Spokesman Mr. Luke Owoyesigyire, preliminary reports suggest that an unidentified gunman armed with an SMG opened fire on Tusubira’s motor vehicle, with him and his driver, Mr. Waswa Mathias, inside.

At 9:20 PM, an unidentified gunman with SMG fatally shot Ibrahim Tusubira in his car.
At 9:20 PM, an unidentified gunman with SMG fatally shot Ibrahim Tusubira in his car. (Image Source: Mbu)

Tusubira was seated in the passenger seat and sustained fatal injuries from the attack.

Owoyesigyire expressed deep regret in a police statement on Saturday evening, confirming the untimely demise of Tusubira Ibrahim, also known as Isma Olaxes and popularly known as Jaja Iculi.

According to Owoyesigyire, task teams from Kira Road police have been deployed to the scene.

They are currently on the ground, gathering all available evidence and conducting thorough investigations into the shooting. 

The police have not yet obtained any leads regarding the shooting, and the public is eager to learn more about the motive behind the shooting and the relationship between the shooter and the blogger.

People are hoping for updates from the police regarding the ongoing investigation and any progress made in identifying those responsible for the crime.

Viewers are sharing condolence and prayers with his family and close friends, devastated by the news of his death. 

It is always hard to cope with someone’s death, so his family has asked for privacy. 

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