Israel Gang Leader Arrested

Israel Gang Leader Yaniv Ben Simon was arrested near Johannesburg on Thursday.

Yaniv Ben Simon was a most wanted man and a gang Leader who had committed heinous crimes for many years.

In an early-morning operation, he was detained with seven other people in a private residence in the suburb of Bryanston.

With this good news, the authority has been praised for catching one of the most wanted criminals.

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Is Israel Gang Leader Yaniv Ben Simon Arrested?

Yes, Israel’s most wanted gang Leader, Yaniv Ben Simon, has been arrested by the Police authorities. He was captured on Thursday in an affluent Johannesburg suburb.

South Africa nabs Israeli gang leader wanted for attempted murder
South Africa nabs Israeli gang Leader wanted for attempted murder (Source- Y net News)

As he was officially listed on Interpol’s Red Notice, his arrest warrant dates back to 2015, as he has been involved in criminal records for which he was labeled “most wanted.”

With the detention, the South African Police released a statement regarding the significance of claiming the suspect is associated with a well-known gang related to drug trafficking, extortion, and other heinous crimes.

Besides him, seven other suspects were also captured by the authorities. The statement also included that the Leader was in Israel for conspiracy to commit murder.

While detectives took them for detention, items in the suspect’s custody during his arrest include five attack rifles, seven handguns, around $40,000, and three motorcycles which were all seized by law enforcement agents.

Where Is Yaniv Ben Simon Now, Jail Or Prison?

Being the Leader of the criminal gang, Yaniv Ben Simon must be in prison. Even in the past, he got three life sentences, including fifteen years in prison for drug gambling and murder by the Israeli court in July.

As he has been detained now, with the proper legal proceeding, he may get the death penalty for his deeds soon as he has taken the lives of many. When captured, they were laid with their face down and wrists fastened with cable ties.

As they have been suspected of allegedly carrying out several car bombings along with Abergil, seriously wounding eight people, their punishment will build up if found guilty.

Suspected Israeli gang boss held in South African swoop
Suspected Israeli gang boss held in South African swoop (Source- RNZ)

Since the criminal tycoon has been caught, he may go through several inquiries to find out more criminal members and wrongdoings to stop them immediately and go further for the death penalty.

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Is Yaniv Ben Simon Connected To Abergil Israeli Crime Family?

Yes, Yaniv Ben Simon is connected to Abergil Israeli Crime Family. He works for them as one of the main associates creating terror among people.

He specifically works as the right-hand man of Yitzhak Abergil, the imprisoned Leader of the crime organization.

As the Police personnel find them and detain them accordingly, their other associates can be found through further investigations.

Their activities primarily include drug trafficking and extortion, amongst other crimes.

With strict checking on these illegal streams and undercover operations, the Police authority is catching to reduce crime and threats. 

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