Ja Morant Mugshot

Ja Morant mugshot photo has been a topic of interest among netizens. The Memphis Grizzlies star was reportedly accused of repeatedly punching a 17-year-old boy.

Ja Morant is an American professional basketball player who plays for the Memphis Grizzlies in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Morant played college basketball for the Murray State Racers, where he was a consensus All-American during his sophomore year in 2019.

The South Carolina native was the second overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft when the Memphis Grizzles selected him.

Since then, Morant has been the star player for the Grizzles, making two NBA All-Star teams, and was named the 2020 NBA Rookie of the Year and the 2022 NBA Most Improved Player.

Ja Morant Mugshot- Is Memphis Grizzlies Star In Jail?

Ja Morant mugshot does not exist since the Memphis Grizzlies star has not been arrested. 

Rumors of Morant being in jail began circulating after it was revealed that he was accused of punching a 17-year-old boy multiple times.

The teenager filed a lawsuit in Shelby County against Morant in September 2022, claiming that the Grizzlies star repeatedly punched him.

The case has reportedly been sealed as the two parties reached an undisclosed mutual agreement.

ja morant
Ja Morant mugshot does not exist since he was not arrested. (Source: Instagram)

According to the documents, police investigated the allegation for a couple of weeks before submitting the case to the district attorney’s office on October 4. 

However, less than a month later, the DA declined prosecution and dropped the case due to insufficient evidence.

Hence, the claims that the basketball star was jailed and that Ja Morant mugshot exists are baseless; he was accused of violence but not arrested.

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Ja Morant Accusations And Allegations

Ja Morant was accused of allegedly repeatedly punching a minor last year.

The incident occurred on July 26, 2022, in Morant’s residence in Eads, Tennessee. 

The 17-year-old boy told police he was playing a pickup basketball game with the NBA star at his house.

Soon, the two got into a verbal altercation, and when the argument got heated, the boy threw the basketball at Morant, accidentally hitting him in the face.

The Grizzlies star approached the boy, put his chin on his shoulder, and asked bystanders, “Should I do it to him?”

Morant struck the teenager with a closed fist, knocking him to the ground. 

Ja Morant Mugshot
A 17-year-old accused Ja Morant of repeatedly punching him. (Source: Instagram)

According to the documents, the NBA superstar continued sticking the boy while he was on the ground.

The teenager, who had a large knot on his head, also claimed that another man, who Morant called “his brother,” was involved in the altercation. However, the basketball star did not name the man. 

The fight had to be broken up by spectators shortly after it began. 

The Grizzlies star told the officers he was acting in self-defense since the plaintiff began approaching him as if he wanted to fight.

He added that the teenager verbally threatened him, stating he’d “light his house up.”

Ja Morant Was Previously Accused Of Mall Incident

A few days before the alleged assault on the teenager, Morant was accused of threatening the head of security of a Memphis mall.

The man said that Morant and a group of his friends threatened him in the mall’s parking lot, shoving him in the head.

The incident allegedly occurred after the Grizzlies star’s mother got into a dispute with a Finish Line store employee.

She then called her son, who arrived at the scene with several of his friends and allegedly refused to leave when confronted by the head of security.

However, no further prosecution was made after the incident.

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