Who Is Jack Dutton To John Dutton

Jack Dutton is the son of John Dutton I (James Badge Dale) and Emma Dutton. Jack is also preassumed to be the uncle of John Dutton III.

If you are a fan of the American neo-Western Drama television series Yellowstone, you must be familiar with the Dutton family.

There are so many Duttons in the Paramount series that they will make your head spin.

The series’ latest prequel, “1923,” made its debut on December 19, 2022, on Paramount+. The new prequel added more names to the Dutton family tree.

So, in today’s article, let’s find out the relationship between Jack Dutton and John Dutton from Yellowstone, including the family tree of the Dutton Family.

Who Is Jack Dutton To John Dutton?

Jack Dutton (Darren Mann) is the son of John Dutton I (James Badge Dale) and Emma Dutton.

If John Dutton II were the son of Emma and John Dutton I, Jack Dutton would be his brother. That will make Jack Dutton the uncle of John Dutton II and his wife’s son, John Dutton III.

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Dutton Family Tree

Who Is Jack Dutton To John Dutton
Dutton Family tree. Image Source: Cowgirl)

James Dutton

James Dutton (Tim McGraw), one of the leading characters of 1883, was the original patriarch of the Dutton family and the first to lay claim to the family’s residence in Montana.

He was a farmer by trade from Tennessee, and after serving as a Confederate soldier during the Civil War, he moved west with his wife and kids. After the passing of his daughter Elsa, he decided to stay in Montana rather than continue on his scheduled voyage.

Margaret Dutton

The spouse of James Dutton is Margaret Dutton (Faith Hill).

The Confederate Army employs her as a nurse. She and her husband performed farm work in Tennessee.

The pair had three children – John Dutton I, Elsa Dutton, and Spencer Dutton.

John Dutton I

John Dutton I (portrayed by James Badge Dale) is the firstborn of James and Margaret Dutton.

He is married to Emma Dutton and has a family of his own. Jack Dutton is the son of the couple.

Moreover, it is also assumed that John Dutton I is the dad of John Dutton II, who in turn is the Father of John Dutton III. However, it has not been confirmed yet.

Emma Dutton

Marley Shelton portrays Emma Dutton. Emma is the wife of John Dutton I and mother of Jack Dutton and probably John Dutton II.

There is not much about the character.

Jack Dutton

As mentioned above, Jack Dutton is the eldest son of John Dutton I and Emma Dutton. He works with his dad and great-uncle, Jacob Dutton.

He is married to Elizabeth Dutton.

John Dutton II

John Dutton II, presumed to be the son of John Dutton I and Emma Dutton, occasionally shows up in Yellowstone flashback episodes as an elderly man.

Still, his presence in 1923 is not assured. He is the Father of John Dutton III (portrayed by Kevin Costner) and formerly served as the Dutton family patriarch.

John Dutton III

John Dutton III is the son of John Dutton II and his wife, whose identity has not been revealed.

Who Is Jack Dutton To John Dutton
Actor Kevin Coster as John Dutton III. (Image Source: Yellowstone TV Show)

He is also the current owner of the massive Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Costner’s John Dutton III is a traditionalist, a rugged cowboy, and a survivor of multiple near-death incidents. He is also the governor of Montana.

He yearns to continue his family’s land in the same state it was bequeathed to him. He was married to Evelyn Dutton.

Evelyn Dutton

Evelyn Dutton (Gretchen Mol), once John Dutton III’s wife and true love, passed away while her four children – Lee, Beth, Kayce, and Jamie – were still very young.

She was crushed during a horseback riding incident, and Beth holds herself responsible for the mishap.

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