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People want to know about Jackie Buckle murder case. The family claims the deceased was a “beloved” retired city worker after Hamilton police apprehended her son.

In connection with the murder of his 62-year-old mother in downtown Hamilton on Monday afternoon, police have charged a 34-year-old man.

According to Hamilton Police Service investigators, at around 5:10 pm, they received a call reporting a disturbance in a mid-rise apartment complex in the Durand neighborhood, close to Herkimer Street and Park Street South.

First responders discovered a woman without vital signs when they got to the second-floor hallway of the apartment complex. She also suffered a significant head injury from blunt force trauma.

A local hospital declared the victim deceased. Jacquelyne (Jackie) Buckle has been identified as the victim.

Let’s dig into this case to know more about Jackie Buckle Murder and other information about her.

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Jackie Buckle Murder Details

After his mother was murdered at an apartment complex in the heart of Hamilton, a 34-year-old man has been charged with first-degree murder.

Around 5 pm on Monday, there was a disturbance at a mid-rise building on Herkimer Street between Park Street South and MacNab Street South, according to police.

A 62-year-old lady was discovered unresponsive in the building corridor and rushed to the hospital, where she was later declared dead.

Jackie Buckle Murder
People want to know about Jackie Buckle Murder details. (Source: CBC)

According to Det. Sgt. Sara Beck, “There was an assault that began in the apartment, and it ended in the hallway.” “Blunt force trauma was the cause of her death.”

Police named the victim a retired City of Hamilton team member and mentioned Jackie Buckle murder case at a press conference on Tuesday in the late afternoon.

At 42 Herkimer St., she was discovered in her son’s second-floor apartment hallway.

According to Beck, Daryl stayed put and cooperated when he was taken into custody. According to her, it is too early in the study to make assumptions regarding the cause or contributing circumstances.

Her family said, “Jackie… will be greatly missed by everyone who loved her.” According to her LinkedIn profile, Buckle worked for the city from 1980 to 2015. Police mentioned that Buckle worked in the tax division.

Son Daryl Buckle Arrested And Charged

Following her murder, Daryl Buckle, her son, was charged with first-degree murder.

He showed up in court Tuesday morning, according to police. They further stated that no other suspects are being sought in the investigation.

Several police cars were parked outside the accused’s seven-story Durand building, “Princess” Rental Suites, which is run by Effort Trust, on Monday night.

After work, a neighbor across the street, whose picture window faces the structure, claimed to have just seated herself to play video games when she noticed the approaching emergency cars.

A gurney is surrounded by multiple paramedics in the scene video immediately outside the entrance doors.

Jackie Buckle Murder
Son charged in death of 62-year-old mother in Hamilton. (Source: The Star)

There are various buildings along that length of Herkimer, primarily low- to mid-rise, a mix of older, vine-covered brick and taller, more recent structures with similar balconies.

As they met on a common grass across the street, several neighbors remarked that the neighborhood was usually peaceful.

A resident of a nearby building, Robin Vokey, calls it a “well-knit” neighborhood. According to Beck, police held the area all afternoon on Tuesday while the inquiry continued. This is Hamilton’s fifth homicide of the year in that place.

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