Jacky Oh Tattoos

Jacky Oh tattoo have garnered a huge public attention as the former Wild ‘N Out star had amazing art on her body. Keep reading to find out more about it.

Jacky Oh was one of the most loved reality television personalities who appeared in MTV’s Wild ‘N Out. She was also an actress, model, and entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur, Oh ran some of her own businesses, including her clothing line named J Nova Collection.

In addition to that, Jacky had over 819k subscribers on her YouTube channel and from her channel, she used to share various interesting content.

Oh was also famous for her long-term relationship with rapper DC Young Fly with whom she also has three kids. Everyone is mourning her death, and fans are curious about her tattoos amid the sad moments.

How Many Tattoo Does Jacky Oh Have?

Jacky Oh was a tattoo lover and had multiple arts on her body. Exploring her images and videos on her Instagram handle, it can be said that Jacky had three visible tattoos on her whole body.

Jacky had amazing art on one of her arms where we could see a baby lion getting close to the mama lion. The respective tattoo was inked with black and red color.

Likewise, Oh openly flaunted her lion tattoo on her Instagram posts, and it can still be found on the platform. In the same way, she had another tattoo on one of her shoulders where she had written a word.

Moreover, Jacky’s most eye-catching tattoo is on the right side of her belly, which is pretty large compared to other tattoos. Meanwhile, she may have inked other parts of her body, but they are not visible.

Jacky Oh Tattoo
Jacky Oh was a tattoo lover, and she had amazing art on her body, which she showed in the above picture. ( Source: Instagram )

In one of her pictures, one can see a small piece of art on her hand, but it is unknown what exactly she has inked.

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Jacky Oh Tattoo Meaning and Design

As mentioned earlier, Jacky Oh mainly had three visible tattoos that often caught people’s eyes. As said above, she has a baby lion with her mother inked. She has not mentioned anything about its meanings.

However, it can be said that Jacky may have tried to explain the bond between a mother and a child as she herself is survived by three kids whom she shared with her partner DC Young Fly.

Likewise, Oh has inked a word on her shoulder, but it can’t be mentioned what the letter is all about. The most beautiful art on her body is on the side of her belly.

Jacky Oh Tattoo Meaning
The former Wild ‘N Out star Jacky Oh Tattoo inked a baby lion and mama lion on her arm, which many people loved as it shows a bond of a mom and child. ( Source: Instagram )

There may be a meaning behind the art, which is large compared to other tattoos on her body. In the belly tattoo, we can find butterflies too. It is pretty challenging to describe her tattoo, as Jacky never gave any hints about them.

However, she didn’t hesitate to show her tattoos to her followers, as Jacky used to make regular posts on her Instagram handle. On February 7, 2015, she posted a photo on Instagram showing her tattoo inked on the side of her belly.

Jacky captioned the image saying, “Girls w/ tattoos & unique hair do’s.”

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