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People have been curious to know more about American Journalist Jake Tapper Mom Helen Anne Tapper.

Jake is also known as the lead Washington anchor for CNN and the host of the weekday television news show The Lead with Jake Tapper. 

Not only The Lead with Jake Tapper, but he also hosts the Sunday morning public affairs program State of the Union. 

He received three Merriman Smith Memorial Awards from the White House Correspondents’ Association while working with ABC News as a Senior White House Correspondent. 

Before working with CNN, he worked with ABC News from 2003 to November 2012, and then he was hired by CNN on December 2012. 

He has also published many books; his first work was in 2018. People have always loved his book; he got a good response from the audience after the book gets published. 

Jake Tapper Mom Helen Anne Tapper

Talking about the mother of a famous Journalist, Helen Anne Tapper, has been known as the mother of Jake Tapper most of the time. 

Helen Anne Tapper welcomed her son Jake on March 12, 1969, in New York City, United States. Helen is retired as a psychiatric nurse at the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

She is originally from Canada; she moved to the United States with Jake’s Father after getting married. Jake and Helen have a great bond; she always supported him with his career path. 

His mother is Jewish; she was raised Presbyterian and converted to Judaism, and his Father was Jewish by his birth. Therefore, Jake was sent to a Jewish summer camp in the Poconos. 

Jake Tapper Mom
Jake Tapper’s Mom with his father-in-law and Vietnam veteran mother-in-law. (Source: Twitter)

Helen Anne Tapper Husband: Meet Jake Tapper Father 

Helen Anne Tapper got married to her high school sweetheart, Theodore S. “Ted,” and welcomed their son Jake Tapper. 

Jake is not the single child of the couple; he grew up with his brother Aaron J. Hahn Tapper. His brother is Associate Professor in Jewish Studies.

His Father, Theodore S., served as the president of South Philadelphia Pediatrics and as an associate clinical professor of pediatrics at Jefferson Medical College, from which he graduated. 

He is originally from Chicago and is a graduate of Harvard Medical School. His parents moved to New York City after getting married. 

They started loving together only after getting married, as they were a long-distance couple, and his inspiration was always his parents. 

His Father always supported him with his career path; he mentioned that his parents are his most extensive support system. 

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Jake Tapper Children: Is he Married?

Jake has happily married Jennifer Marie Brown for 15 years; the couple shares two children. 

Jake Tapper with his Wife, Jannifer
Jake Tapper with his Wife, Jennifer. (Image Source: The US Sun)

Alice Tapper is their first child, and Jack Tapper is their second child, who is nine years old; the couple has not shared much information about their children. 

Jennifer is a former Planned Parenthood official in Missouri. The couple met in some workplaces and got to know each other. 

They seem to be a happy couple and family; they are a family of four now. Much information about his personal life has not yet been shared with the public. 

But he often posts pictures with his wife but never with his children; they live together in Washington, D.C. 

Jake Tapper Net Worth 

According to the Sources, the net worth of a Journalist and an anchor in the current year is $16 million, which is a significant amount. 

Tapper’s primary source of income is his profession as a Journalist and a host. Also, he has been publishing his book since 2018, so he also earns from his published book. 

Jake Tapper in S.F. There are lies on both sides, time to ‘stand up for truth’
Jake Tapper in S.F. There are lies on both sides, time to ‘stand up for truth’ (Image Source: Jweekly)

The base salary of the host has not been disclosed yet, which might be a Company policy. And, how much CNN is giving him as a salary has also been private till now. 

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