Is James Edward Johnson III professionally famous as BabyTron in Jail? Reports say he was arrested for possession of controlled substances. 

Famous as BabyTron, he was born as James Edward Johnson III. He is a renowned rapper and songwriter. He started his rapping career in 2009. 

BabyTron has become one of the most talented and skilled hip-hop singers in the American rap world lately. Besides, thousands of people listen to him, and BabyTron is well known for his freestyle and unique rapping style. 

BabyTron wanted to be something exemplary in Hiphop, so he formed a group with his childhood friends named it ShittyBoyz.

Likewise, he constantly released his solo, and in 2009 one of his solo tracks, “Jesus Shuttlesworth,” went viral within the hip-hop community. 

Last year, in 2022, the rapper gained the limelight for his series of tracks that feature him rapping on many popular beats in one song. The same year the rapper also released his album, Megatron. 

Moreover, the rapper was also anointed as part of the XXL 2022 freshman Class on June 14, 2022. Recently in January, 13, 2023 BabyTron released his third album, Bin Reaper 3: New Testament.

Is James Edward Johnson Aka BabyTron, In Jail?

James Edward Johnson III, aka BabyTron, was arrested in a Dawson County traffic stop earlier this month. The 21-year-old rapper was released after clearing 10% of a $15,000 bond.

The American rapper faces severe charges in Dawson County Court, including a felony charge of Possession of Psilocybin and misdemeanor accusations of owning an ounce or less of Marijuana and speeding.

According to Rural Radio’s report, BabyTron’s upcoming court hearing has been scheduled for March 2, 2023, at 2:30 pm in Dawson County Court in Lexington, NE.

James Edward Johnson III
James Edward Johnson III was arrested for possession Of Controlled Substance. (Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, he recently performed at a Denver concert called Cervantes’ Other Side. He also posted an Instagram story showing his performance in Columbus, Ohio.

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Rapper BabyTron Arrested: Possession Of Controlled Substance

Rapper BabyTron was arrested on February 8, 2023, around 2:45 pm. Reportedly, the detention happened on Interstate 80, about 6 miles east of the Cozad interchange.

A Nebraska State Patrol trooper pulled over an eastbound vehicle for exceeding the speed limit by driving at 95 mph in a 75 mph zone.

Following the traffic stop, it was revealed that the driver in question was none other than the well-known rapper, BabyTron.

The Trooper immediately detected the unmistakable scent of Marijuana and subsequently asked Johnson to step out of the vehicle, prompting a probable cause search.

James Edward Johnson III
Fans reacting hilariously after James Edward Johnson III being charged. (Source: Sports Keeda)

After the search, police found Marijuana, Marijuana edibles, Psilocybin Mushroom edibles and a 9mm handgun. Furthermore, BabyTron was not only the person in the car, as he was with Lamont Collins, Jakeen Stokes, and Ahmed Ford.

As soon as his arrest, news swirled all over the media sources netizens started to create hilariously as many made memes out of it. 

More About BabyTron Real Name and Age

James Edward Johnson III was born on June 6, 2000. As of 2023, he is 23 years old. His real name is James Edward Johnson lll. However, the rapper is famous for his stage name, BabyTron. He is a native of Ypsilanti, Michigan, U.S.

Regarding his education, BabyTron went to Lincoln High School in Ypsilanti. Moreover, he began rapping in 2009 with childhood friends TrDee and StanWill.

They established the rap trio ShittyBoyz. His studio albums are MegaTron, Bin Reaper 3: Old Testament, and Bin Reaper 3: New Testament. Apart from that, the rapper uses Instagram as @babytron and has amassed over 712k followers.

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