James Jaronczyk

James Jaronczyk missing boater, has not been found yet, but the search still continues. Here’s what we know about the missing person.

James Jaronczyk is a boater from Massapequa whose name has been making rounds online following his missing case. The boater went missing after he fell overboard in the Great South Bay. 

The rescue mission for James is growing. Reportedly, he was last seen off the Suffolk County shore near Babylon on Sunday afternoon. 

The avid boater and racer have dragged the eyes of many people, and he has left his family worried as Jaronczyk has not been found yet.

Who Is James Jaronczyk Missing Boater?

James Jaronczyk is an avid boater and racer who went missing, and he was last seen off Suffolk County on Sunday afternoon. Reportedly, James fell overboard from his speedboat Sunday.

Furthermore, James was at Tres Palms restaurant in Babylon before taking to the water in his 22-foot Progression speedboat around 4:30 pm. According to officials and news reports, Jaronczyk soon went missing.

James Jaronczyk Missing Boater
James Jaronczyk was last seen off the Suffolk County shore near Babylon on Sunday afternoon. ( Source: New York Post )

All of his family members are sad and worried as James has not been found yet. His sister Amanda Jaronczyk also took to her Facebook handle to request everyone to keep her brother in their prayers.

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Is James Jaronczyk Dead or Alive? Boater Missing Case Update

The recent case of a boater named James Jaronczyk has shown that he has not been found yet. So, it can’t be said whether he is dead or alive. All of his family members have said to keep James in their prayers.

The rescue mission for James is growing. The Coast Guard and Police marine and aviation bureau launched a rescue mission as they joined family and colleagues searched the cove and marinas.

james missing
James Jaronczyk’s mother made a post on Facebook requesting everyone to help her find her son. ( Source: Facebook )

According to a report, the avid boater left Tres Palms waterside restaurant Sunday afternoon in James’ 22-foot Progression speedboat. A viewer told investigators she looked up and saw James hit a rogue wave. But when the boat steadied, James was gone. 

A report given by News 12 Long Island has shown that the search for James has officially been suspended pending further developments on Monday at 8 pm.

The Coast Guard actively searched for 34 hours and covered approximately 1,000 nautical miles. A spokesperson for the Coast Guard reported the search had been suspended pending further developments.

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James Jaronczyk Parents and Family 

James Jaronczyk’s parents live in Massapequa, and when their son went missing, they were reportedly in South Carolina. Also, Jaroncyzk has siblings named Amanda and Joseph.

It is said that James’ parents are hopeful and say their son will be found alive. Also, they have requested everyone to look on shore, on rocks and in backyards in case James swam there and passed out.

James Jaronczyk boater
James Jaronczyk’s parents are hopeful that their son will be found alive. ( Source: New York Post )

In the same way, his relatives and other family members have made posts on social media to inform everyone about the missing case and help them find their son. As the investigation or search continues, more details will be updated soon.

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