Jamie Dimon Religion

What is the banker Jamie Dimon’s religion? Although Dimon has not taken a public stance on his religious views, his grandparents have ancestral roots in Greece. Therefore, we can assume that he may be an unorthodox Greek Christian.

The billionaire businessman has a Bachelor’s degree from Tufts University in psychology and economics. He then earned his MBA from the prestigious Harvard Business School.

Jamie Dimon is an American billionaire and financial executive, the chairman and CEO of the banking firm JPMorgan Chase & Co. Forbes has estimated Dimon’s net worth to be $1.8 million.

Billionaire Jamie Dimon Religion: Is He Jewish? His Grandparents Were Greek Immigrants

No, Jamie Dimon is not a Jew. Despite being married to a Jew, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase did not convert to Judaism either before or after their union.

Jamie Dimon was born James Dimon in New York to Theodore and Themis Dimon.

The wall street magnate Jamie Dimon’s religion is Greek unorthodox. To date, Christianity is the most followed religion in Greece.

Most aspects of the Greek Orthodox church today are influenced by ancient Greek religion and gods.

Jamie Dimon Religion
JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon. Source: Bloomberg

On one public occasion, while addressing rival banks, he made a biblical reference and mentioned that the Old Testament’s concept of justice should be implemented to serve justice.

Jamie Dimon said, “I want to call it ‘bankruptcy for big dumb banks.’ There should be some form of Old Testament justice including clawback [compensation].”

The banker is married to a Jewish woman. However, he did not convert to Judaism for his marriage. Since he is connected to Christianity and Judaism (via marriage), he possesses excellent religious tolerance.

Dimon’s grandfather, Panos Papademetriou, was also a banker in Greece who moved to New York in 1921.

In his book, “Last Man Standing: The Ascent of Jamie Dimon & JPMorgan Chase,” he gives two accounts of why his grandfather changed the family name from Papademetriou to Dimon.

The first one was that he fell in love with a French girl and wanted a surname that sounded French. Another one was that it was difficult for Greeks to find jobs, so he changed his surname to get a job.

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Jamie Dimon Is Not Gay But Another JPMorgan Senior Executive Is Gay

Is Jamie Dimon Gay? No, the billionaire businessman is not gay. This confusion has surfaced due to a minor misunderstanding as it is not Dimon who is gay but Joe Evangelisti, one of JPMorgan’s top executives.

Jamie Dimon
Joe Evangelisti, a JPMorgan executive who told CEO Dimon he was gay within 36 seconds of the meeting.  Source: JPMorgan Chase

Joe Evangeli, the Chief Communications Officer at JPMorgan Chase, came out to CEO Jamie Dimon in just 36 seconds during their first meeting in an elevator.

The Communications Officer mentioned that he felt accepted and comforted by his boss, Jamie Dimon, during his 36-second chat.

In a blog for JPMorgan, Joe said, ” He (Jamie Dimon) was awesome–he cares deeply about people and made me feel comfortable from minute one.”

Dimon was a speaker at the Out & Equal Workplace Forum in Brazil, where he showed his support for the LGBT community. The banker believes in treating everyone with justice, regardless of their identity.

The Banker Is Happily Married To Judith Kent

Jamie Dimon got married to Judith Kent in May 1983. The couple met while studying at Harvard Business School.

They first met through the suggestions of a mutual friend. Kent paid the bill on their first date as the banker did not have much money back then.

Jamie Dimon, his wife Judith Kent (far right), and three daughters. Source: Instagram

Dimon with his wife Judith Kent (far right) and three daughters. Source: Instagram[/caption]

Jamie and Judith are a sweet couple. On their 15th wedding anniversary, the JPMorgan CEO gifted his wife a stock certificate worth one-third of his net worth.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, a former JPMorgan team member Heidi Miller mentioned that Dimon depends on his wife to look good as she makes sure to match his shirts with his suits every morning.

Judith Ellen Kent was the daughter of a real estate and insurance businessman, Robert Kent. Kent has a master’s degree in organizational psychology from Catholic University.

After graduating, Kent worked as a management trainee at American Express alongside her husband.

The couple has three daughters: Julia, Laura, and Kara. Julia works in an investment bank, following the path of her parents.

Laura is Journalist and has worked for the New York Times, The Atlantic, The Huffington Post, etc. The youngest, Kara, is an MBA graduate from Columbia University.

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