Jamie Raskin Religion

People often question Jamie Raskin religion, so read further to learn about her religion. 

Jamie Raskin is a well-known politician in America. He serves as the U.S. representative for Maryland’s 8th congressional district. The veteran politician has been working in that position since 2017.

He was the lead impeachment manager for the second impeachment of President Donald Trump regarding the attack on the U.S. Capitol. 

Raskin is familiar to everyone for his progressive views and commitment to fighting for the rights of all Americans.

When Raskin was a state senator in Maryland, he absorbed civil rights issues, environmental protection, Campaign finance reform and more. 

Raskin politicians and attorneys have been a member of the Democratic Party for a long time. Many have known him professionally, but people are curious to learn about his personal life.

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Jamie Raskin Religion: Does he Follow The Christian or Jewish Faith?

Jamie Raskin’s religion has always been a topic of discussion, although it has been clear information in public. 

He was born into a Jewish family in Washington, D.C. Raskin had faith in the Jewish community since childhood, and a Jewish family raised him. 

He never changed his religion, and he always saw his parents follow Jewish and knew about the Jewish community because of his parents. 

People who have faith in the Jewish community read Bible; they have the first five books of the Bible and have their own culture and festivals to celebrate. 

Jamie Raskin, speaks with Chairman James R. Comer before the House Oversight and Accountability Committee organizing meeting.
Jamie Raskin speaks with Chairman James R. Comer before the House Oversight and Accountability Committee organizing meeting. (Image Source: Roll Call)

Jewish people refer to their temple as Jerusalem. They have different terms and norms than the Christian religion. 

The information about Raskin being born into a Jewish family has been mentioned in well-known online portals and sources. 

Jamie Raskin Ethnicity And Origin

Jamie Raskin belonged to Ashkenazi Jewish and was born in Washington, D.C., on December 13, 1962. 

He holds American nationality like any other family member, and he was born to Barbara Raskin and Marcus Raskin.

Although everyone in his family holds American nationality now, his ancestors immigrated to the U.S. from Russia.

Raskin has not mentioned much information about his origin in public; it has simply been said that his great-grandparents were from Russia. 

Jamie Raskin Family Details 

Jamie Raskin is the son of Barbara Raskin and Marcus Raskin; his mother was Journalist and novelist.

His Father, Marcus, was a former staff aide to President John F. Kennedy on the National Security Council, the Institute for Policy Studies co-founder, and a progressive activist.

Raskin’s parents have supported his career choice and path since he started gaining interest. 

Moving on to his family, Jamie tied the knot to Sarah Bloom Raskin, an American attorney, and she served as the 13th United States Deputy Secretary from 2014 to 2017.

Jamie Raskin with his wife,Sarah Bloom Raskin and children
Jamie Raskin with his wife, Sarah Bloom Raskin and children. (Image Source: NPR)

The couple has been married since 1990 and shares three children. They welcomed their first kid, Thomas Bloom Raskin, on January 30, 1995.

Then, they had Tabitha Claire Raskin on January 31, 1997, and Hannah Grace Raskin on July 13, 1992. 

Every child of them lives with their family but often seems to visit them. The politician appears to have a great relationship with everyone.

But, as per the mentioned source, the couple’s first kid died in 2020, and the reason behind his death has not been noted.

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