Jarveon Hudspeth

Jarveon Hudspeth death has left his family shattered as a young man was shot dead by a Shelby County sheriff’s deputy. Here’s more info about him.

Jarveon Hudspeth was a 21-year-old man from the United States of America who was an exemplary young man. Besides, he had no criminal record, worked to help support his family, and was pursuing a college degree.

Furthermore, Hudspeth’s name has been making rounds on the internet since his death news was confirmed. It has been said that he worked a full-time job and was studying to become an engineer.

Moreover, Jarveon took his last breath on June 24, 2023, and his death shocked everyone. Tributes and condolence messages for the Hudspeth family are pouring on social media.

Jarveon Hudspeth Death: Shot and Killed at Traffic Stop

Jarveon Hudspeth was shot to death on June 24, 2023. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) has reported that the deputy was performing an enforcement activity on a parked car in north Memphis’ Raleigh community.

Both men were outside Jarveon’s car when an altercation broke out. At some point, the young man reentered the car and tried to flee the scene. The deputy, still locked between the driver’s side door and the car, was then hauled about 100 yards down the road before releasing a single lethal shot.

Hudspeth, who was unconscious at the time, crashed. Following that, Jarveon was transported to a hospital, where he was declared dead. The family has not learned any additional information in the more than two weeks since Hudspeth’s death.

Jarveon Hudspeth Death
Jarveon Hudspeth’s devasted mother Charlotte Haggett cries while speaking at a press conference. ( Source: The Commercial Appeal )

However, some details regarding his demise have already been shared publicly. Hudspeth’s mother, Charlotte Haggett, learned of her son’s death, she said, only after he was missing for over 24 hours. 

When she initially contacted authorities, SCSO said a deputy would be out to her home to take a missing persons report, but that deputy never came. Hours later, she said, someone called and simply stated her son was dead following an accident.

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Jarveon Hudspeth Funeral and Memorial Services

Jarveon Hudspeth funeral and memorial services were held on July 2023. Family, friends, relatives, and close ones came together to lay him to rest.

As song permeated the small chapel of the MJ Edwards Funeral Home on Stage Rd. in Whitehaven, there were few dry eyes among those who were there to memorialize Hudspeth.

His mother was unable to speak. Many people were present during that time, and everyone was sad about the death of Jarveon. People are showing support to the family.

Jarveon Hudspeth Funeral
The funeral services of Jarveon Hudspeth have already been organized. ( Source: FOX 13 Memphis )

A person shared the news on Facebook and wrote, “God Bless This Grieving Mother to Receive Transparency and Ultimately Justice for her son Jarveon Hudspeth.”

Another devasted person shared a post on his Twitter handle saying, “Let us rally and fight for justice for #JarveonHudspeth STOP Killing our sons!!”

Who Killed Jarveon Hudspeth?

Jarveon Hudspeth was shot dead after a Shelby County sheriff’s deputy encountered Hudspeth one morning, sitting in his car near Allendale and Rosswood Dr. in north Shelby County.

Shelby County Sheriff Floyd Bonner Jr. said the deputy was also in critical condition at Regional One Health Hospital. However, the name of the deputy who shot Jarveon has not been shared yet.

Jarveon Hudspeth
Jarveon Hudspeth was 21 years old at the time of his passing. ( Source: Action News 5 )

Not to mention, Jarveon was feet away from his parent’s home when the brutal ambush happened. At the time of his passing, he was just 21 years old.

The Hudspeth family now demands answers from investigators with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI). They have also hired civil rights attorney Ben Crump.

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