Jarvis Jones Brother

Who was Jarvis Jones brother Darcell Kitchens? The brothers’ close bond and devoted brotherhood set an example for the rest of the world in their relationship.

Former American footballer Jarvis Jerrell Jones played college football for the University of Georgia as a linebacker.

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He twice received the unanimous All-American honor. In the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers selected him.

Further, he played for them for four seasons before retiring in 2017 after a brief stint with the Arizona Cardinals.

Moreover, Jones spent his freshman year at the University of Southern California (USC), where he was a special teams and backup player for the USC Trojans Football team.

He made 13 tackles in the first eight games, including 1.5 tackles for loss. Jones sustained a neck injury during the match with Oregon.

Additionally, after receiving a spinal stenosis diagnosis, the USC medical staff refused to give him the go-ahead to resume playing for the team. 

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Everything Internet Has On Jarvis Jones Brother Darcell Kitchens: Wiki And Age 

Jarvis Jones brother Darcell Kitchens was the only brother he had. Unfortunately, he was killed outside of a bar in Georgia.

Even though detailed information about Darcell is unknown, he was the most loving and supporting brother Jarvis has ever had.

A seemingly routine night for Jones and his elder brother, Darcell Kitchens, in the sleepy Georgia town of Richland, took a devastating turn in the early hours of January 9, 2005.

Moreover, they had no idea that the night of Kitchens’ 19th birthday, coincidentally would alter their lives forever. While the brothers were standing directly across the street from their mother’s house, a car stopped near them.

Jarvis Jones Brother
Jarvis Jones’s brother Kitchens was killed at the age of 19 years. (Source: Rams Wire)

Kitchens was approached by a friend from the car who offered him an invitation to a local bar to celebrate his birthday.

In addition, he asked his brother if he wanted to come, but Jarvis requested him to go and have fun on his birthday.

Further, Kitchens’ birthday party tragically took an unexpected turn when he was shot and died after a dispute outside a neighborhood bar.

Even in the face of catastrophe, Jones’ memories of that evening are forever carved in his heart, demonstrating the eternal bond between siblings.

He will always be grateful to his brother for being the most kind and loyal person he has ever met. Even after being asked about his sibling, he continued to have wet eyes, remembering his tragic incident.

Darcell Kitchens Family Members

The late Darcell Kitchens had kept his personal details private; hence, little is known about him and his family.

His mother is Gloria Dowdell who separated from his father long ago. Nothing is known about his biological father in the media, not even his name.

However, his stepfather’s name is Leon Dowell who was also very devastated by the tragic ***** of Darcell. He had good relationships with his mother and stepfather, hence, he visited them quite often.

Additionally, his brother Jarvis Jones who has already played football professionally, considered himself guilty of his brother’s ***** because he didn’t ask him to stay that night.

Jarvis Jones Brother
Darcell Kitchens and his brother had good relationships with their stepfather. (Source: Bull Score)

Jones struggled greatly to accept the truth that his brother was no longer alive after his brother’s passing. Because his sibling was absent, he grew angry and agitated and fought with his teachers at school.

However, he gradually began to adjust to life without his brother, found inspiration in his passing, and considered how he could honor him wherever he was.

Furthermore, Jones gradually decided to control his anger via football in high school, eventually becoming one of the country’s best prep recruiters.

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