Carl Weathers Kids

Regardless of failed multiple marriages, the actor is a proud father of two sons. Get to know Carl Weathers kids in today’s short article.

Renowned American actor and filmmaker Carl Weathers is also a former professional football player. Although he always wanted to be an actor, the New Orleans native began his career as a star athlete.

After bidding farewell to his athletic career in 1974, he ventured into the entertainment industry and went on only to become a Hollywood star.

Like most celebrities, Carl also started with small roles in two movies, Friday Foster and Bucktown.

Two years later, the former athlete landed his most notable role in the blockbuster movie Rocky. He portrayed the character Apollo Creed and played the same part in three additional “Rocky” films.

In addition to playing Greef Karga in “The Mandalorian,” Mr. Weathers has appeared in a variety of other films over the course of a four-decade career, including “Action Jackson” and “Happy Gilmore.”

The actor has had a glorious career in the entertainment industry. However, his marriage was not as stable as his career. For those unversed, Weathers has exchanged marriage vows three times in his life.

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Who Are Jason And Matthew Weathers? Carl Weathers Kids Age Gap

Matthew Brandon Weathers and Jason Anthony Weathers are the sons of actor Carl Weathers.

The Rocky star shares his kids with his first wife, Mary Ann Castle, with whom he was married from 1973 to 1983. During the one-decade-long marital life, the former couple welcomed two children.

Carl Weathers Kids
Carl Weathers with his first wife, Mary Ann Castle, and their sons, Matthew and Jason. (Image Source: AmoMama)

While their divorce reason is unknown, their separation must have affected Matthew and Jason as they were still young at the time.

Matthew Brandon Weathers is the eldest or the first child of the legendary actor. Matthew was born in 1976. Likewise, Jason is the youngest of the Weathers siblings. He was born in early 1979.

The Weathers brothers have nearly three years of age gap. It looks like when their mom and dad ended their marriage in 1983, Matthew and Jason were around  7 and 4 years old.

Hopefully, the Weathers brother grew up time equally with their father and mother.

Talking about their current whereabouts, both Matthew and Jason have grown up.

While Matthew is 48 years old, Jason is 44 years old, as of 2023.

Carl Weathers Sons Prefer A Private Life

Unlike their father, who thrives in the spotlight, the Weathers siblings prefer a quiet life away from the public eye.

Thus, it is unclear what Matthew and Jason do to make a living and where they are now.

Surprisingly, the actor has not publicly shared any details about his sons. It looks like Carl did his best to protect the privacy of his loved ones. Carl must share a close bond with his sons.

Carl Weathers Kids
Carl Weathers’ sons lead a quiet life away from the spotlight. (Image Source: San Diego Union-Tribune)

However, considering their ages, the director’s children must already be married and lead a family of their own. Nonetheless, we wish the actor’s sons a prosperous and wonderful life ahead.

Carl Weathers Was Married Three Times

As mentioned above, Carl Weathers was married three times.

His first marriage was with his children’s biological mother, Mary Ann Castle. The Weathers-Castle pair tied the knot on 17 February 1973.

After being together for ten years, the former pair’s bond began getting cold.

Eventually, they divorced on 22 July 1983. Afterward, the “Happy Gilmore” star married his second wife, Rhona Unsell, just seven months after ending his marriage with Mary Ann.

Unfortunately, his second marriage also could not last long, and they divorced.

In 2007, Carl Weathers tried his luck in marriage again after marrying Jennifer Peterson, who is a well-known creative content producer. But, barely within two years, the couple called it quits.

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