Jason Billingsley

Pava LaPere murder suspect was arrested at the station after a 2-day manhunt. Read the article to the end to know Jason Billingsley wife and relationship. 

Jason Billingsley is the 32 years old man who has been accused and arrested of raping a woman in an Edmondson Avenue home after he posed as a maintenance worker a week before allegedly murdering Pava LaPere.

On September 19th, Billingsley reportedly banged on the door of a house.

When there was no response, he forcefully kicked the door open, brandishing a gun at the two people inside, and then tied them with handcuffs and duct tape.

Furthermore, he was named as a suspect in that case last week. A week later, Pava LaPere was found dead on the rooftop of her West Franklin Street apartment. 

So, Baltimore Police announced Billingsley as a suspect in the CEO’s murder the following day. People are now eager to know about the personal life of Jason, which has been shared here.

Jason Billingsley Wife: Is The Suspected Killer Married?

Many online users have searched the suspected killer Jason Billingsley wife name. As of now, there are no records of Jason having a wife or getting married to a lady.

Likewise, none of the media outlets have given the news related to Jason’s married life. So, it can’t be confirmed whether Billingsley is married or single.

Jason Billingsley Wife
Jason Billingsley wife name has been searched by many people on the internet, but no details are accessible. (Source: The US Sun)

His mother, Scarlett Billingsley, talked about her son in an interview and gave every detail. However, she didn’t say anything about her son’s marital status.

Considering this fact, it can be assumed that the suspected killer may be single. 

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Jason Billingsley Relationship Status Explored

Jason Billingsley relationship status remains a mysterious topic to the whole internet as the media sources have not given any info yet.

As said earlier, the family members of Jason have also not talked anything about Billingsley’s love life. In the same way, there were no public records of Jasonn having a romantic affair in the past.

Jason Billingsley Mother
Jason Billingsley with his mother Scarlett Billingsley and she has talked about her son in an interview. (Source: Daily Mail)

Considering all these facts, it can be confirmed that Billingsley is a single man leading a solitary life.

Apart from that, more updates about Jason’s personal life may be updated in the future as online users have been asking many questions lately.

Where Is Jason Billingsley Now?

Baltimore police have alleged that Jason Billingsley killed Pava Marie LaPere, who was the CEO of a technology company, as he was found dead Monday.

LaPere had signs of blunt-force trauma. Shortly before officers arrived at the apartment, a missing person’s call was made, an investigation revealed.

Furthermore, Jason was arrested after two days on the run. He was detained at a train station around 30 miles from the dead scene of Pava.

Jason Billingsley Now
Jason Billingsley was arrested two days after being named as the suspected killer of Pava Marie LaPere. (Source: Marca.com)

Following that, Jason was taken into custody without incident. Police announced an upcoming press conference for Thursday at 11 a.m. regarding the arrest but did not provide additional information.

So, it can be said that Jason is under police control, and more updates regarding his case may be updated in the future. 

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