Jason Harris And Christina Harris Murder

Jason Harris and Christina Harris’s Murder case update explained. Christina Harris’s case from 2014 turned out to be a murder case. 

In 2014 Christina Harris’s case was closed by Police and ruled as an accidental overdose; her husband Jason confirmed that he made her bowl of cereal at night.

But the case has come into the public as a murder case, and after getting into the investigation for almost seven years, the truth has come out.

What charges will Jason Harris face now? Where is he now? Continue reading to find out the recent update on Christina’s murder case.

Jason Harris And Christina Harris Murder Case Update: Husband Killed His Wife By Putting Heroin In Her Cereal

After being convicted of killing his wife, Christina, with a dose of heroin in her cereal, Jason Harris has been sentenced to life in prison.

People were shocked to hear the news about killing his wife; the word took a lot of people’s attention.

Harris was convicted in November 2021 of first-degree murder, solicitation of murder, and delivery of a controlled substance causing death after his wife in September 2014. 

Christina with her husband Jason Harrison, who has been sentenced for life prison.
Christina with her husband Jason Harrison, who has been sentenced to life in prison. (Source: 9News)

A professional medical examiner has confirmed that it was an overdose of drugs in the cereal. 

One of his neighbors confirmed that Harris was serving cereal to his wife late at night, and after a minute or two, she dropped while eating and passed out on the living room floor.

It was sus for them, but the case was closed, saying that it was an accidental overdose, but looking back now, it shows the truth.

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After the death news, multiple families came for Harris, but they were in shock to hear the reason behind her death.

So, some of the families said that the other day he made a sentence saying he wanted to get rid of Christina. 

During the investigation in 2014, Harris said that in the morning, he went to the office when his wife was still asleep and coughing like she had caught a cold.

But that was a lie; when the investigator talked to Christina’s mother, she said she looked fine the day before when she met her.

The case was turned over from Davison Police to Michigan State Police in August 2016; they thought in a diffrent way and found out she was eight months postpartum at the time of her death.

It looked like an easy case, but it turned out it was a brutal murder done for her husband in 2014.

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Who was Christina Harris? 

Christina Harris was an innocent woman killed by her husband, Jason Harris. Looking at the case, it seems like Jason was suffering from mental health.

She was the mother of two children and breastfeeding one of her daughters. A daughter lost her mother because of her own Father.

Christina was an ordinary person, a friendly and loving mother of two. She seemed to be happy with her life before death. 

Christina Harrison killed by her own husband.
Christina Harrison, the mother of two, was killed by her own husband in 2014. (Source: ClickOnDetroit)

Christina Harris was eight months postpartum after giving birth to her second daughter; she used to be at home and took breaks from work to care for her daughter.

When the news about her being overdosed on drugs, her family member confirmed that she never used drugs.

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