Jason Whitlock Look Like In Long Hair

People are curious to learn what would journalist Jason Whitlock look like in long hair. Has he recently had some changes in his hair? 

Whitlock hosts a program for Blaze Media, the show Fearless with Jason Whitlock. He is a sports Journalist and podcaster. 

Before being involved as a host, he was a radio personality and worked on WHB and KCSP sports stations. Early in his career, his full-time job was as a reporter. 

Whitlock has been involved in many shows and has hosted many well-known personalities.

People have been following him for a long time, and he started his career as a television worker in 2006.

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People have known about Jason’s professional life from various sources, but they are curious to learn about his personal life information.

How Does Sports Journalist Jason Whitlock Look Like In Long Hair?

The sports Journalist Jason has not had long hair yet; people have not seen him with long hair and have always wondered how he might look. 

Whitlock is often seen with no hair or concise hair. Looking at his short hair, we can see that; he has thick and curly hair like most people. 

People with thick hair often put down their hair short because it might bother them. But the Journalist has yet to disclose the reason behind having short hair in public. 

Jason Whitlock Hair
Jason Whitlock’s picture with hair and without hair. (Image Source: BlackSportsOnline)

You find Whitlock with no hair and no facial hair.

Similarly, you can find many pictures of him on different platforms, but none of them have pictures of him with long hair.

The journalist might look a lot different if he has long hair because we haven’t seen him with long hair yet.

Whitlock might also look good with long hair. But his fans will probably not get used to it in the beginning as they would be unfamiliar with his new hair look.

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Jason Whitlock Look Transformation And Facial Hair Update

Whitlock has recently shared a video from his work, in which we can see no transformation has been done with his hair or facial hair.

He often doesn’t like having facial hair, and in the current update, we can see that he doesn’t have any facial hair, but he has kept his hair short.

But on Thanksgiving, he was seen with his mother wearing a wig, which is not his natural hair, if people were confused about it. 

In a picture, he has added a caption, “My mother lost her hair this Thanksgiving. Glad I found it. Hope you are enjoying your parents and loved ones this holiday,” with a picture of him wearing a wig with his mom.

Jason Whitlock Hair
A Tweet shared by Jason Whitlock with his mother. (Image Source: Twitter)

Also, Whitlock has often been seen with no hair and no facial hair, so people might have been confused about the hair wig he has been seen with. 

Additionally, the sports Journalist might have had a hair transplant between 2019-2021, as many online portals have claimed. 

Still, the Journalist has not confirmed it in public. So, it might be accurate, but we cannot guarantee the news until he publicly mentions it.

Nevertheless, Jason, with his long hair, might definitely rock the new look. So, are you also curious to see how he would look in a new hairstyle?

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