Jayveon Burley

Jayveon Burley was arrested on suspicion of his one-year-old daughter, who was found dead in the Los Angeles River. 

After discovering his daughter’s body in the Los Angeles River, a man is held by police.

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Late on Sunday night, the Inglewood Police Department opened an investigation after a lady contacted to report a missing individual.

Police contacted the grandmother of a missing 1-year-old child when they arrived at the woman’s residence in the 300 block of N. Market Street at about 10:45 pm.

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Jayveyon Burley, the woman’s 22-year-old son, was supposed to pick up his two kids from their mother in Long Beach, she told the police. Only one of the kids accompanied him as he returned to their Inglewood home.

Jayveon Burley 22, Was Arrested On Suspicion Of ****** Of one-Years Old Daughter

When Leilani’s grandmother learned that her son Jayveon Burley, 22, had only picked up one of his two children from their mother in Long Beach and was returning home with the other, she called the police.

According to KTLA-TV Channel 5, the third child, a boy aged 3, was unharmed.

According to a press release from Inglewood Police, based at the south end of the river in Long Beach, “Leilani’s remains were recovered in the Los Angeles River below the Ocean Boulevard Bridge during the investigation with the assistance of the Long Beach Police Department.”

Jayveyon Burley
Jayveyon Burley’s Daughter Leilani Dream Burley (Source: KTLA)

The Inglewood Police Department jail received Jayveon Burley after he was detained on suspicion of ****** and endangering a child on Monday.

Burley was “angry but normal,” according to Lynisha Hull, the mother of Leilani, in an emotional interview with KABC-TV Channel 7. The news station identified Lynisha Hull as Lynisha Hull.

She stated, “He threw her off the bridge.

Where Is Jayveon Burley Now? 

As soon as possible, Jayveon Burley was detained and sent to the Inglewood Police Department Jail, where he is currently being held on suspicion of ****** and endangering a child.

According to jail records, a $215,000 bond has been set for him. According to officials, he has a court date on Wednesday.

Leilani’s mother is Lynisha Hull. She claimed that Jayveon had always been overly protective of their children and never hurt them. She claimed that she was astonished and perplexed by his conduct.

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Hull remarked on Tuesday, “She was so full of life. She cherished reading, dancing, music, and giving high fives.

Jayveon Burley Arrest And Charges 

Jayveon Burley is charged with ****** and child endangerment. He may spend up to a year in jail if found guilty of the misdemeanor crime of endangering a kid. 

Anyone convicted of felony child endangerment could spend many years in jail or more because felony crimes are substantially more severe.

Those found guilty of endangering children may be sentenced to probation by the court. 

Jayveon Burley
Police Found Jayveon Burley At The Los Angeles River (Source: US Times Post)

A person on probation must routinely report to a probation officer and take other steps, including attending family counseling and abstaining from other illegal conduct. 

Probation usually lasts at least a year. The court may impose a jail or prison sentence if the probationary conditions are broken.

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Depending on the particulars of the offense, an adult must serve a minimum of 15 to 30 years in jail. The starting point for offenders under the age of 18 is 12 years.

It is uncommon, but some criminals are sentenced to life in prison, which means they will serve out the rest of their days behind bars. Parliament has established the legal conditions under which this is permitted.

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